The 100 Review: “Coup De Grâce ” (Season 2, Episode 11)



One of the most interesting things we’ve seen this season is the adults, fresh off the Ark, trying to reconcile the idea of their teenage counterparts, and in the most obvious case, children, running the show. The advantage that the 100 has is undeniable. Clarke went to war with the Grounders, and she won. That definitely comes with bragging rights. And now, she’s earned their respect. Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby (Paige Turco) are so stuck on protocol that they’re just beginning to realize what fans already knew: in space they may have had the upper hand, but on the ground, they’re way out of their league. The title ‘Chancellor’ has become more like the concept of an honorary mention – it sounds nice, but it doesn’t actually mean much.

Mount Weather wasn’t the only place that a child was usurping the power of a parent tonight. It’s become clear that Abby is being forced out as the leader of her people. It has to sting a little bit that she was so often overlooked in space, and now that she’s on the ground, her own daughter is stealing her thunder. Realistically though, with Clarke being such an influential member of the group, it’s almost a conflict of interest for Abby to be in charge anyway. Sure, it came in handy a few times, but overall, it’s been a hindrance – like a brick wall in the middle of your only escape route.

Clarke is heading into her second major battle on the ground, and this time, she has an entire army backing her up. Let’s just hope she finds the appropriate place to stick her emotions when The 100 attacks, or feuding with her mother won’t be the only problem she runs into.

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