The 100 Review: “Human Trials” (Season 2, Episode 5)


Season two of The 100 has started delving into the more serious issues on “Human Trials,” such as why did the Mountain Men save the 100 from the grounders? Although it’s been an underlying question all season, it took a backseat to the more pressing matter of reuniting core characters (because Clarke and Bellamy are kind of a package deal). Now that we’ve moved past that, the focus is clearly shifting toward the overarching issue of how the Mountain Men play into the story.

If leaving Mount Weathers poses such an imminent threat to the residents, why take the risk? They had no personal investment in the recent arrivals. Except for all being decedents of what appear to be North Americans, they don’t have much in common. Unless they had something to gain, it never made a lot of sense to take the chance at being contaminated. And, thus the story unfolds.

The 100 have evolved to tolerate a certain level of radiation – like the grounders. The Mountain Men have been conducting experiments for years (err, decades? A century?) to combat their own inefficient immune systems – some more humane than others. A couple episodes back, we saw how they utilize the grounders and their blood in a similar manner to what Jasper (Devon Bostick) underwent tonight. The only difference being that Jasper was a willing participant in this experience, albeit some mild manipulation, while the grounders are forcibly drained of their blood and then disposed of.

Besides his general lack of endearing qualities, the president of this coalition of survivors hasn’t given viewers much of a reason to trust him. Yet, there was something about his performance tonight that made it look like there’s a certain amount of undermining taking place under the surface, literally and figuratively. He appeared genuinely opposed to experimenting on his guests, for reasons that weren’t explained. And, he was the only one in that conversation that seemed to feel that way.

Murphy playing the logical half, Kane and Jaha being held captive, the president at the precipice of a potential uprising…..the writers behind The 100 have turned things upside down, and they’re just getting started.