The 100 Review: “Reapercussions” (Season 2, Episode 3)


It was life or death on tonight’s episode of The 100, but then again, when is it not?

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) continued to follow her instincts, even though they go against popular opinion, and she’s uncovered a rather unfriendly aspect of the Mountain Men. It isn’t surprising that Wallace (Raymond J. Barry) is keeping a lot of the more delicate information to himself. The fact that there is ongoing scientific research being conducted inside the secure mountain base lends itself to the story that the writers are telling. As the show begins to examine more of the evolutionary pitfalls of the group of people housed within Mount Whethers, it only makes sense that the revelation of just how far these people will go to survive will become increasingly evident.

The concept of a group of people that failed to meet the demands of evolution and have been tucked away in an attempt to preserve themselves has created an interesting backdrop to the narrative. There are now several sects of people trying to co-exist – the members of The Ark who only developed this handy radiation tolerance as a side effect of living in space, the Grounders and Reapers who are truly survivors of the nuclear environment, and the citizens of Mount Weather who have been sheltered from the environment for so long they have very little chance of developing any kind of immunity.

In this setting, characters have been forced to revert back to primitive means of survival. And, even former residents of The Ark are falling into this way of thinking. We haven’t seen a whole lot of purpose surrounding Finn (Thomas McDonell) this season, but “Reapercussions” seems to be a turning point for him. After sinking into the background somewhere between bedding Clarke and deceiving Raven (Lindsey Mogan), he’s been a glorified peripheral character for the last handful of episodes. Not anymore, though. Tonight, he crossed a line and it’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to live with the guilt associated with taking a life in cold blood.