The 100 Review: “Reapercussions” (Season 2, Episode 3)


Arguably, The 100 are still at war and they are aimlessly searching for their companions. Finn may be able to justify his actions away as a means to an end, but later on, it may come back to haunt him. Finn, as a character, is predictably compassionate. He’s the nice guy that doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. His recent surge of aggression is clearly tied to his feelings about losing Clarke and the potential of her being dead, and despite the tragic consequences of his actions, he’s going to need this tougher exterior to get through what’s coming. The only thing more surprising than watching him lash out is watching Bellamy become the voice of reason. Way to switch personalities, guys.

Earth has turned out to be toxic in a totally different way than citizens on The Ark could have predicted. The savage survival traits that have been adopted by the various Earthen groups – the Grounders, the Reapers, and the Mountain Men – make you wonder how these sects haven’t wiped each other out long before the 100 ever arrived on the ground. If Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) hopes to keep his people safe, he’s going to have to do a lot more than make internal disputes his main priority. Not that watching him and Abby (Paige Turco) go another 12 rounds wouldn’t be amusing, but that’s so season one.

“Reapercussions” didn’t move the story along in any monumental way, but it did plant the seeds of doubt within some of the guests at Mount Weathers. There was also a gratuitous amount of scenes with Octavia (Maria Avgeropoulos) generally being awesome. If anyone deserves recognition for biggest transformation, it’s her. When we met her she was a overzealous, under engaged member of the 100 who had been marginalized for her entire life. Now, she’s grown into a courageous asset who has shown herself more than capable of fighting for what she believes in. In this case, that fight mostly revolves around Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), who is now a prisoner at Mount Wheather, much like almost half of the 100, just in a different capacity.

The 100 successfully shook things up tonight. Clarke is now free (free being a relative term). Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Finn are free from adult interference. Octavia is now on a solo mission with Lincoln captured. Kane is going after the kids. Abby is Chancellor-for-the-moment. Jaha arrived on Earth. And, Jasper and Monty are starting to come around to Clarke’s way of thinking, even if it did take her disappearing to get them on the bandwagon. There was quite of bit of moving the pieces around tonight, and only time will tell where they all land.