The 100 Review: “Remember Me” (Season 2, Episode 9)



There’s a lot of places that The 100 could have taken the story after killing off Finn (Thomas McDonell) in the mid-season finale last month (besides scoring a third season). Even after all this time, it’s still a little hard to believe that the writers actually wrote one of the main characters off of the show – but frankly, it was about time. Finn started off as a solid character but over time moved further and further into the gratuitous zone until he finally just lost it a few episodes back.

His romantic interest turned unhealthy obsession with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) pushed him over the deep end and put everyone he cared about in jeopardy. As if they didn’t have enough outside threats, having to worry about one of their own lost its appeal rather quickly. Even though losing him is clearly going to have a lasting impact on Raven (Lindsey Morgan), especially after the writers waited until the last possible moment to reveal that he had saved her life back on the Ark, which is why he ended up on Earth to begin with, she’ll get over it eventually. The one person who might not be able to move on quite as fast, however, is Clarke.

Clarke took advice from her new grounder pal to heart and has decided to try out the less emotional side of life. Her defense mechanisms have kicked into full force and she has clearly moved from seeing dead people to all out denial. The most eerie thing about her hallucinations was that Finn just kind of stood around looking accusatory. Yes, he did ultimately lead her to her theory about the cup being the source of the poison, but she probably could have worked that out on her own. Even in death, Finn didn’t really have anything important to add to the show.

It’s going to be an interesting ride as Clarke comes to terms with not only killing Finn, but with the sense of loss that comes with losing someone you love. Eventually, she’s going to have to break out of her staggering new lifestyle choice, but for now, maybe this is exactly what she needs to get through what’s coming next. Clarke can’t afford to become a liability when the remaining 47 are still stuck inside Mount Weather and counting on her to lead the rescue charge.

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