The 100 Review: “Resurrection” (Season 2, Episode 13)


Even if Indra (True Blood‘s Adina Porter) had succumbed to her injuries, she’s not enough of an anchor on the show for it to have any considerable impact. The most interesting thing about her storyline is what it means for Octavia (Maria Avgeropoulos). We’ve seen some huge character growth from her on an episode-by-episode basis to the point that the girl we were introduced to in the pilot is almost unrecognizable. Last week we watched in awe as she refused to sugarcoat the situation for Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), even with the possible expense of losing him hanging in the air, and tonight she continued that streak by stepping up when Indra fell. She’s traded in her recycled Ark duds for some Grounder threads, and it looks like she’s going to be sticking with this new warrior persona she’s picked up in season two.

Other than the lack of impression that the attack on the village had on the overall episode, Clarke still managed to find some added incentive to push up the rescue plan. Realizing that Mount Weather has found a way to use the rest of the 100 to cure their people from the effects of radiation has to be a bit of a shock the her system, but in a good way. Enough with the politics. The alliance between Clarke and Lexa seems to be more stable than ever, but its longevity has always been questionable. As soon as they no longer have a common enemy, they no longer have much of a reason to cooperate with one another.

Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Jasper (Devon Bostick) are doing an admirable job of buying themselves time while they wait for reinforcements, but the clock is ticking. Either one of the ‘good guys’ finds a way to turn off the acid fog so that the troops can storm the mountain, or fans might have to say goodbye to more recognizable characters before the season ends.

With only three more episodes left for the writers to wrap up the Mount Weather storyline, The 100 is readying itself to get really intense, really fast.