The 100 Review: “Rubicon” (Season 2, Episode 12)


There’s the main storyline – The Sky People plus the Grounders versus the Mountain Men – but, there’s also an interesting side story developing with Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) at the helm. It’s a strange pairing, that’s for sure, but in a way they compliment each other nicely. They’re both characters who have essentially lost everything they’ve ever valued. The only thing they have left is the idea of salvation. That’s what the City of Light is for them. It’s not the last frontier, it’s their only hope. And, something tells me that after the rest of the main characters get done with the Mount Weather storyline, they won’t be far behind.

Clearly, the writers are trying to change how fans perceive Murphy, and I have to admit, I’m about ready to jump on the bandwagon. He’s gone from being a pariah among his own people to doing a reasonably convincing impression of a decent human being. Watching him try him darnedest not to react when the desert stranger revealed her deformed hand was definitely the dividing line between season one Murphy and the new, improved version.

Murphy isn’t the only one who has undergone a serious transformation since landing on the ground, though. Octavia (Maria Avgeropoulos) once again blew our minds when she catches Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) somewhere half-way between Grounder and Reaper. I half expected him to take Octavia up on her offer to crawl away in shame. Not that seeing them stand on the edge of the destruction at the end of the episode wasn’t an extremely welcome sight, it’s just that it could have gone either way.

Tonight’s episode of The 100 was a game changer, but maybe not for obvious reasons. Clarke has reached another milestone where there’s no turning back from. First Finn, and now this? With season two dangerously close to the end and the stakes steadily rising, something has to give – and soon.