The 100 Review: “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” (Season 1, Episode 5)


The 100 is an interesting show for a handful of reasons, but mainly in that it’s part of the recent trend of shows airing on The CW that break the mold of what viewers have come to expect from the network. The cookie cutter motif where the hero always saves the day and everyone learns a serious morality-based lesson at the end of each episode is rapidly being replaced with dramas like this one, that reflect a new generation that doesn’t mind a little messy. More often than not, this episode included, characters are learning the hard way that their actions have consequences.

On tonight’s episode of The 100, that lesson isn’t reserved for any one individual. Although fewer character share the brunt of the disappointment than usual, there is definitely enough to go around – both in space and on the ground. Plans to maintain the Ark’s life support bring about some tough decisions for the Council that Abby (Paige Turco) hopes her recent stunt will help to avoid. As an insurance policy, she follows up with a public service announcement alerting the citizens to the reality of their situation – once again creating martyr-like undertones.

There is an irony to the fact that Abby once turned her husband in, and essentially wrote his death sentence, for attempting the same courtesy. Now that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is no longer in the dark about who was responsible, it seems like the writers are forcing Abby into a more self-sacrificing role, like maybe if she dies in the process of saving so many others she will have repented for causing the death of one. So far her actions are propelling the storyline forward, but this theme faces the possibility of getting redundant sooner rather than later.

In response to Abby’s forward thinking, The 100 were able to once again work together, irregardless of Bellamy providing a rather costly setback, to alert the Ark of their continued presence on Earth. The real tragedy though is that they were too late.

Bellamy (Bob Morley) continues to tow the line between world class jerk and upstanding human being. He sacrificed everything in order to secure a seat on the drop ship for the sole purpose of protecting his younger sister, but continues to exert his control over the group which has on several occasions backfired. Viewers have seen him waiver in his intensity when the situation calls for it – first in dealing with Charlotte’s inner turmoil, and later in Atom’s suffering. Although his first instinct was to protect himself by eliminating the possibility of any communication with the Ark that could result in his later death, causing the deaths of 300 innocent people doesn’t seem like his M.O. Bellamy has reacted strongly to the previous deaths, so it’s fair game to assume he would have a similar reaction when it comes to mass murder/assisted suicide, regardless of the circumstances.

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