The 100 Review: “We Are Grounders – Part 1” (Season 1, Episode 12)


If there’s one thing about this episode of The 100 that was hard to wrap your mind around, it’s just how vast the population on Earth seems to be, and just how disillusioned the Ark was (and still is). There were a few moments that you could almost see Clarke’s brain trying to adjust to this new knowledge. She had a line that went, “I swear to God the more we learn about this place the less we know,” and it perfectly encapsulated this sentiment.

When the 100 first arrived on Earth, they were so convinced that they were the last remaining humans in the universe. The council sent these teenagers down to Earth to test the atmosphere in a last ditch effort to save the human race. Lo and behold, despite the lack of modern conveniences on the ground, the human race appears to have survived just fine without their help (or, interference). Yes, there probably are a few genetic markers out of place, but for whatever reason, Earth has sustained life even after the vague cataclysmic event that sent the original members of the Ark into space.

Bellamy may have made a very compelling speech about being grounders now themselves, but the fact remains that the real grounders have the home turf advantage. They know the terrain and they’ve obviously been trained in combat, something that the 100 probably didn’t have a ton of use for on their previous residence. And, they have the numbers – which may come to be their biggest advantage.

What do the 100 have? Well, they have a drop ship that is lined underneath by something labelled “highly flammable.” If at any point in their upcoming battle they need a quick exit, that seems like it would work splendidly as a distraction. It also seems like the grounders rely mostly on brute strength, whereas the 100 tend to heavily infuse their strategies with intelligent options. The grounders have tried to pick the newcomers off one by one, but if the explosion on the bridge proved anything, it’s that the 100 have a ‘go big, or go home’ policy. Since going home isn’t an option, they’ll have to go with the former if they plan to win.

Reinforcements are on their way, Bellamy and Clarke each have their own ideas for dealing with the grounders, Raven is out of commission with a bullet lodged in her hip, and there are still too many unknown variables to predict how many of the 100 will be left standing at the close of the season.

Let us know whether you’re siding with Clarke or Bellamy after this episode of The 100, and who you hope makes it out of this mess alive!