‘The Acolyte’ star reveals everything they can about the ‘Star Wars’ series without getting fired

It seems like being a part of Star Wars these days is like joining a secret society. Scripts are stored under lock and key, cast members shuffle around in cloaks, and until production is finished — no one has any real idea what’s going on.

With each new entry onto Disney Plus or otherwise, the folks tasked with making these stories are sworn to absolute secrecy, and it looks like The Acolyte is no different. This upcoming Sith-centric series follows a former Padawan and their Jedi Master as they investigate a series of mysterious crimes. Set in the High Republic era (around 100 years before the Skywalker Saga), our favorite galaxy far, may be in for some serious changes.

One of the series stars, Amandla Stenberg (Bodies Bodies Bodies, My Animal), spoke to ComicBook.com about how tight-lipped everyone has been while working with Lucasfilm.

“What can I say that won’t get me fired? Walking onto set, I’ll just say this, this is vague enough. You know that it must take a lot of technical ability and craftsmanship to make Star Wars, but you have no clue how expansive it is until you’re a part of it.”

There’s no doubt that working on a Star Wars project must be surreal, and when it comes down to the craftsmanship that goes into bringing that galaxy far, far away to life — no expense is spared.

“Whether it’s the puppeteers or the costume designers, or all of the folks from all the different departments who build the sets, you don’t realize how much incredible technology and foresight there is in every element until you’re there.”

Regardless of how secretive things are surrounding this latest entry into the Star Wars mythos, we couldn’t be more excited to see it brought to life sometime this year.