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The best gifts for fans of ‘Wednesday’

Have 'Wednesday' fans in your life? They'll die for these gift ideas.

Image via IMDb

The latest show to take Netflix by storm is Wednesday. It focuses on a young Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, played by none other than Jenna Ortega. Season one is filled with witty one-liners, intense life-or-death moments, the complexities of teenage romance, and the mystery of unsolved criminal cases.

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There is so much to get excited about when binge-watching brilliant episodes of Wednesday on Netflix. With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, it’s a great time to narrow down the perfect gifts to purchase for fans of Wednesday.

Wednesday quote t-shirt

Image via Amazon

Wednesday never misses when it comes to her hilarious and equally dark one-liners. Anytime someone says speaks to her, she seemingly has the perfect clap-backs. For this reason, t-shirts covered in any of her one-liners would suffice for Christmas. T-shirts reading, “I’m not in a bad mood. This is just how I look,” or “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color,” are available on Amazon.

Thing toy

Image via Etsy

Thing happens to be Wednesday’s closest friend and confidant in the show. The creepy-looking hand crawls around on his fingertips to help her out whenever she is dealing with unprecedented drama or struggles. A Thing toy made out of squishy or plastic material would be an incredibly thoughtful Christmas gift for someone who loves Wednesday. Thing toys are available on Etsy.

Black umbrella

Image via Netflix

In plenty of promos for the show, Wednesday is holding a very important item behind her shoulder and head—a black umbrella. Since she always shields herself from the light of the sun, her skin remains pale. A solid black umbrella would suit any youngster who wants to keep up with Wednesday’s vibe.

The Addams Family board game

Image via Macy’s

The Addams Family board game is a great pastime for people who not only love Wednesday but all members of The Addams Family. The game, which is available at Macy’s, can accommodate up to seven players. It gives everyone a chance to work their way through dungeons, trap doors, and cemeteries across the board while moving from level to level.

Poison potion water bottle

Image via Etsy

Wednesday is the type of fictional character who isn’t shy when it comes to dealing with something as tricky and daunting as poison. A “poison potion” bottle to hold regular drinking water, soda, or juice is the perfect gift for someone who loves Wednesday as much as they enjoy apothecary and gothic themes. Different variations of this bottle are available on Amazon and Etsy.

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