The best gifts for ‘Survivor’ fans

Television enthusiasts are currently enjoying the 41st season of the long-running, fan-favorite reality show Survivor. The series puts die-hard contestants up against the elements as they’re stranded on an island and forced to try to outplay, outwit, and outlast the competition.

Survivor debuted on CBS to excited audiences on May 31, 2000, and the first taste of the series was unlike anything viewers had ever seen. Contestants weren’t just put through a series of mental, physical, and emotional challenges⏤they were genuinely forced to survive against the elements. Only certain teams received special items for shelter while others were given nothing. Some competitions gave teams provisions while others received not a single morsel.

As the seasons progressed, the challenges got more and more arduous, and teams faced harsher conditions. It’s the kind of reality show that doesn’t change when the cameras are off. While the show obviously has a medical team on hand and necessary items for any contestants who get hurt or sick, it isn’t a series that focuses on comfort in the slightest.

It’s also not the kind of series that discriminates against players invited to take part in the game. The youngest player on Survivor has been 18 years old, and the oldest was the late Rudy Boesch, a fan favorite who won everyone over during his time on the show.

It’s not surprising that the show took off the way that it did. Survivor is gripping and theatrical in a way that brings both audiences and players face-to-face with the danger of the elements. Unlike the players, however, viewers get to watch the unfolding action from the comfort of their own homes.

If you know a Survivor fan, then you know they’re pretty intense about their love for the series. So what should you get said Survivor fan this holiday season? From clothing to strategy books and even games based on the show, here are some great gift ideas they’re sure to love.

Survivor baseball cap

There’s nothing like a good baseball cap to pair with an outfit for any type of day. Bad hair day? Throw on a cap. Feeling a casual look? Grab your cap. Enjoy hats every day? Then this Survivor one is a perfect fit. The Survivor fan in your life will love this blend of black and forest green as well as the reminder that every day can be an adventure.

Survivor hoodie

A great black hoodie is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe, and they’re made even better when you can show off your fan status for a show, movie, band, or any other pop culture obsession. We’ve got hoodies from just about everything we love, and it’s always exciting to wear them. You never know who you’ll run into at your local coffee shop or retail store that will stop and chat with you about it.

Any Survivor fan would love to own this hoodie and, of course, will wear it with pride. It’s a conversation piece and something to keep them warm this winter! If you have friends who aren’t big hoodie fans, there are also long-sleeve and T-shirt options that you can find by searching on Amazon. The shirts are just as incredible as the hoodie, and some come in different color options, giving true fans a chance to represent their favorite tribe.

Survivor voting pen

If you know the trademark quote from Survivor, then you’ll see why this pen is such a great addition to any fan’s collection. “The tribe has spoken” says a lot about any contestant on the series. Those voted off are told those very words before they put out their torch, and those still on the show have to deal with the repercussions of what that vote means. This pen is the perfect office addition for fans, a great way to bring Survivor into the day-to-day, and of course, a super fun trinket to keep even after the ink has run dry.

The Survivor Manual

Another really cool way to share the holidays with a Survivor fan is by gifting them something that will make them think. The Survivor Manual is a wonderful gift idea and a truly great way to share one’s love for the series. Written like a genuine survivor manual, it gives you an idea of what it takes to be an actual survival beast. The manual has it all, from tips and how to perform first aid and traveling over any type of terrain to identifying plants you can eat and withstanding a blizzard. This will help any Survivor fan feel like a true warrior.

Survivor blanket

If you’re anything like us, then you love to curl up and watch your favorite shows and movies with a warm blanket at the end of a long day. We have blankets from a few of our favorite shows and movies, and this one is a great addition for fans of Survivor. The blanket is the epitome of fan service, and anyone would love to open it up on Christmas morning. You can order it at the Amazon link above and make your favorite Survivor fan completely cozy this holiday season.

Survivor socks

Everyone loves a good pair of socks, particularly pop culture fans. You’re likely to find socks for lovers of just about everything at all of your local retail stores right now. From Christmas movies and themes to your favorite cartoons and animals, there’s no shortage of awesome socks to go around. For Survivor fans, these socks are an absolute must-have. They showcase a true fan’s love for the series, boast a comforting color scheme, and can be worn with any outfit!

Survivor whiskey glass

The great thing about this whiskey glass is that even fans who don’t drink alcohol can get good use out of it. The glass is etched with the Survivor logo and is a stunning cup, perfect for those who enjoy a drink after a long day or as they unwind on the weekends. It’ll definitely be one of those things that ends up in a photo on Instagram. There are also wine glasses, mugs, and shot glasses that you can get for the Survivor fan in your life. You can search those specific options on Amazon to find gift ideas to get here in plenty of time for Christmas.

Survivor: The Game

The board game is inspired by the first season of the epic television series. While you won’t be taking part in any dangerous physical challenges or sleeping in the wilderness, you will have to outwit and outplay your opponents as you navigate life within the Survivor realm (from the comfort of your own home). That doesn’t exactly mean the game is going to be easy, however, and you will still get to take part in tribal council, so it’s a good idea to ensure that you’re making smart choices when you’re playing the game.

Survivor courtyard flag

We’re not sure if this is the kind of flag you’d put out front or the kind collectors would have in an entertainment room, but either way, it’s an excellent piece of merchandise for Survivor fans. The flag, which illustrates the motive of the series, is a great conversation piece for anyone who has ever tuned into the show. The flag is 3×5 feet, so it’s a nice size, which is something to consider before gifting this to your Survivor-loving pal. The colors are also striking, making it is a visually appealing flag to display.

Survivor buff

Everyone knows the importance of the buff during the Survivor series. It allows everyone to know what tribe they’re a part of and is influential during times of change when tribes shift and power players lose alliances and have to form new ones. The buffs came in various colors, representing the different tribes and making for incredible commemorative buffs for Survivor fans to reflect upon all 41 seasons. This is a collector’s item that fans will love for years to come and a great stocking stuffer.

Survivor Trivia Game Book

The Survivor Trivia Game Book is a perfect addition to the bookcase of any reality TV fan. For those who have been dedicated to the series for all 41 seasons now, trivia questions will test their knowledge and allow them to try to outplay and outwit the competition in their own lives. The book can easily be pulled out during game nights with friends or whenever the fan in your life wants to brush up on their knowledge and unwind after a long day at work.

Survivor stickers

Do you know a Survivor fan who loves to carry their electronics or Yeti around constantly? Then you can totally get them some Survivor stickers to display on their must-have items! These stickers let everyone know that they love the series and will also be great conversation starters when they run into other Survivor fans.

Did you find any great gift ideas for the Survivor fan in your life on this list? How about any for yourself? Let’s chat about it.

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