The Best Halloween Episodes Of South Park

With spooky season drawing to a close and Halloween fast approaching, streaming services everywhere are encouraging their customers to watch the spine-tingling and terrifying content on their platforms. While the curtains never truly close on Halloween in the hearts of true fans, there’s something special about buying into the chills, fear factor, and hilarity that the season brings.

One way Halloween fans love to spend their time is rewatching their favorite scary movies and TV shows, finding new horror to treasure for years to come, and of course bingeing Halloween-themed episodes of their favorite series.

Animated series known for executing Halloween-themed content incredibly and terrifyingly well include The Simpsons, Family Guy, and of course the unforgettable South Park. The series is infamous for knowing exactly where the line is and crossing it anyway, which rings true in the show’s Halloween episodes as well. These episodes bring spooks and chills to audiences as well as their signature sarcasm and humor.

Here are some of our favorite South Park Halloween episodes, all of which can be enjoyed by fans who have never seen them as well as ones who already know them by heart.

“The Scoots” (Season 22, Episode 5)

“The Scoots” sees the kids of South Park utilizing their newly-found scooters to excel at making this Halloween the best one yet. Realizing that riding scooters means they can cover more ground and get more candy, the kids set out on a rampage⏤all except one.

Kenny confesses to Mr. Mackey that he’s feeling left out because he can’t use a scooter on Halloween. After he explains why, Mr. Mackey realizes that scooters can be stopped and the town doesn’t have to fall into turmoil during the havoc they’re expecting when it’s discovered that kids from surrounding neighborhoods are also planning to take scooters out for the big night.

With Halloween night just hours away and the kids bloodthirsty for candy, will Mr. Mackey be able to stop the scooters and save South Park, or is it too late?

“A Nightmare on FaceTime” (Season 16, Episode 12)

When Randy purchases a Blockbuster video store, he’s got his eyes on the prize, sure that this will be a worthwhile investment. His family immediately worries that it’s a failure before it even begins, and they just might be right.

The store, obsolete since video rental has taken a more digital approach, is viewed by the South Park residents as a haunted house⏤cue the tricks and treats. Randy requires that his family work at the store, but doing so prohibits his son from enjoying trick-or-treating, so his friends come up with a way to let him join in on the fun via FaceTime.

What starts as an exciting idea quickly turns into chaos as the boys, dressed as heroes, stumble upon a robbery in progress. They attempt to save the day, but things quickly go very wrong. As their night unravels, so does Randy with the lack of customers visiting the movie rental store.

Can the night be saved, or is it a doomed Halloween in South Park?

“Hell on Earth 2006” (Season 10, Episode 11)

With a Halloween party on his mind, Satan has big plans to get to Earth. Throwing a members-only gathering, he’s going big in terms of decor, guests, and a cake the size of a Ferrari brought to him by three infamous killers. Not everyone is thrilled about the party, but Satan has covered all the bases, and no one can stop this bash.

With an all-star guest list, no one would want to miss the party, so when the South Park boys summon a particular guest in a Bloody Mary-type game, Satan is annoyed at the interruption. He convinces one of the kids to help him get back to the party, but not everyone is done playing.

Who makes it to Satan’s bash, and who has a one-way ticket back to Hell? You’ll have to watch to find out.

“SpookyFish” (Season 2, Episode 15)

When Cartman skips school, he doesn’t want to miss out on seeing his friends, so he meets them at the bus stop. However, the version of Cartman they’re met with is different than the one they’re used to.

Not only does Cartman look physically different, but he also admits to calling out of school to take care of his sick mother. The boys find this extremely odd but go along with it anyway. When Stan gets home that afternoon, his mother tells him that Aunt Flo came to visit and rewarded his sister with treasures and Stan with a fish.

The following day, another spooky event happens when the boys meet their usual friend Cartman at the bus stop, who is back to his crude and moody self. They’re confused once again, but roll with it.

It soon becomes apparent that Stan’s fish and Cartman have something in common, and there’s only one person who can help everyone figure out what’s going on. Chef lets the boys in on a little secret, and they’ve got to find out exactly how to stop the madness and get things back to normal.

“Pinkeye” (Season 1, Episode 7)

When the boys of South Park wait at the bus stop for their morning ride to school, Kenny is killed by a space station crashing to Earth. Of course, if that event in itself wasn’t weird enough, what happens next certainly is.

In the morgue, a concoction is mixed, turning him into a zombie that escapes in the middle of the night.

The next day, Kenny meets up with his friends, who are all dressed up for Halloween, and no one notices that something is wrong with Kenny. As the kids experience a costume contest at school, some are left feeling thrilled, while others are incredibly let down with the reception of their costumes.

In town, the effects of Kenny turning into a zombie start to spread through the city, and it quickly becomes a fight for survival for those who live in South Park.

“Tegridy Farms Halloween Special” (Season 23, Episode 5)

Some fans love the Tegridy Farms South Park episodes, while others can live without them. While explaining a promotion for a Halloween special at the farm to his family, Randy realizes that his daughter is putting a wrench in his plans. In an attempt to bring his daughter to the higher side of life, Randy takes Shelly to an ancient Egyptian exhibit for some bonding time. What she soon realizes is that he’s brought her there to teach her that hemp and marijuana have a purpose, and she’s angered at the notion that he lied to get her there.

At the same exhibit, Butters finds himself face-to-face with the undead and, against warnings by an employee who works at the museum, finds himself under a “love curse.” When Butters tries to explain the situation to those around him, he finds that the mummy has tricked everyone into believing that he’s the bad guy. Instead of finding comfort or understanding when the mummy makes it evident that they’re stalking and coming on to Butters, he’s told to break things off with the mummy and that the entire thing is his own fault.

By the episode’s conclusion, things have gone back to a sense of normalcy, and you’ll have to watch to find out just how this episode wraps up the Halloween-themed stories.

Have you watched any of these Halloween episodes of South Park? Which is your favorite? Let us know in a comment!