The 10 best songs in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Bob’s Burgers is one of the best-animated series on the air and not only is this thanks to its unique style of animation and fun stories, but of course, the original music included with the show takes it to a whole new level.

During the 12-season run of Bob’s Burgers and the newly released movie, there have been hundreds of original songs crafted to highlight the hilarious events taking place. While all of these songs are exceptional, we’re going to attempt to weed them down to just 10 of the best.

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers you’ll be familiar with these gems, if not here are 10 of the best Bob’s Burgers songs to jam out to when you’re feeling like a pick-me-up so get ready to shake those little burger buns!

The 10 best songs in Bob’s Burgers

‘You’ve Got the Guts’

Bob’s Burgers has plenty of thanksgiving songs — enough so that they released an EP solely to celebrate the holiday. The most impressive of these has to be “You’ve Got the Guts”. When the kids craft their own Thanksgiving play, Tina lets her uniqueness shine by playing the lead role, the ‘Quirky Turkey’.

In typical Bob’s Burgers fashion, the story of thanksgiving dinner is told in a hilarious and somewhat gruesome way. At its core, the song is about accepting who you are, and it’s accompanied by a banger instrumental soundtrack that ramps up to its rock-inspired climax.

The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee ‘My Burger Buns’

While it may not appear in the show, the final track in The Bob’s Burgers Movie “My Burger Buns” might be the most catchy song by The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee yet.

“My Burger Buns” has it all, a catchy chorus, the signature Bob’s Burgers charm, and even a throwback to the show’s theme song. The song is also one of the most produced tracks that the franchise has released yet which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given it featured in the film.

‘Restaurant on Fire’

The newest TV addition to this list, episode 6 of season eleven gave fans a song in four parts that are instantly catchy, hard-hitting, and capture the episode’s entire story perfectly. As it hasn’t yet been released as part of a soundtrack we don’t know the official name of this song, but “Restaurant on Fire” is a classic.

After a fire starts in the restaurant, Gene, Tina, and Louise all come clean singing about their potential involvement in the incident. Ultimately it’s the song’s fourth singer Hugo the health inspector that sets everything into perspective.

Each of the verses in the episode includes the personality of the singer and it all comes together for a beautiful harmony to take the track home.

‘Lucky Ducks’

Another song from The Bob’s Burgers Movie, “Lucky Ducks” is an instant classic. Taking one of the most intense moments in the film and turning it into a musical is the perfect Bob’s Burgers way and this song executes this perfectly.

Featuring Louise alongside the Carnies who have never featured as prominently in a song before, this song brings something fresh while maintaining the same tone and high-quality fans have fallen in love with.

‘Happy Crappy Place’

While flawless production can make a song better, sometimes it’s the simple ones that steal your heart and this is why “Happy Crappy Place” makes our list. As we see the happy perspective of Bob alongside the angered voices of Linda and Louise, this song comes together to make something special.

Originating from season five, episode 10, if you’re looking for some short, sweet, upbeat fun make sure to check this track out.

‘Sunny Side Up Summer’

Opening the Bob’s Burgers movie is one of the franchise’s best songs to date — and one of its longest. “Sunny Side Up Summer” is the perfect way to set the stage for what results in being a wild ride with the Belchers.

The song includes some of the best singing performances from all of the main cast alongside a perfect instrumental. More importantly, the song gives fans all they need to know about where the characters are at in their lives to start the movie, and how could you forget when it’s this catchy.

‘This Wedding is My Warzone’

If you’re looking for the perfect Bob’s Burgers romance song then “This Wedding is My Warzone” is a perfect choice. Nothing says I love you more than Bob speaking to his burgers on the grill — despite Linda’s harmonious warnings.

The song premiered in episode 21 of season eight when Bob was tasked with catering a wedding. As you’d expect this didn’t go completely to plan, but at least the fans got this ballad from it.

‘Not the Forgiving Type’ / ‘The Fortress is the Worstest’ / ‘Nobody’s Getting In’

Yes, we know it’s cheating, but there was no way we couldn’t include all of the songs from season seven’s premiere “Flu-ouise” as they all come together to craft one of the best audio experiences Bob’s Burgers has had.

As Louise suffers a fever dream her family attempt to help but instead wind up disfiguring her favorite toy Kuchi Kopi. This leads not only to Louise’s anger but also to a trippy fever dream starring her favorite toys.

Things kick off with the song yet emotional opener “Not the Forgiving Type”. This is followed by a three-part banger called “That Fortress Is the Worstest” as her toy family encourages her not to head to the imaginary fortress. This is all capped off with two classics “Nobody’s Getting In” and “The Forgiving Type”.

This collection of songs has everyone to love about Bob’s Burgers and while we suggest simply watching the episode to experience it as intended, listening to the tracks on the Bob’s Burgers album is a close second.

‘Electric Love’

Who would have thought you could turn the story of Thomas Edison and the death of his elephant Topsy into a love story. Well, Bob’s Burgers managed to do just that and it’s perfect.

“Electric Love” is predominantly sung by Gale and Mr. Fischoeder and includes hitting lyrics, perfect harmonies, and of course a sinister twist. Upon first listen you’ll quickly realize why this song ranks so highly on our list and if you want to see it in all of its glory we suggest you watch episode 16 of season three.

‘Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom’

Our favorite Bob’s Burgers song comes from season six episode 19. “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom” is an instantly catching duet from Bob and Louise after Bob winds up stuck to the toilet with glue — a trap that Louise had set for Gene.

Being stuck on the toilet, Bob tries to think positively that he will soon be saved and be able to fulfill his huge interview opportunity. In contrast to this, Louise sings from her perspective sharing that she’ll do whatever it takes to unstick her dad and that everything is going to be okay.

After a verse each, the two come together in perfect harmony. This is most definitely one of the best moments in Bob’s Burgers so far and something that every fan is sure to remember.

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