The Best Youtube Cooking Channels

As we move into the digital era, paperback recipe books are going out the door in favor of E-books and video guides.  For would-be chefs, YouTube is a resource boasting thousands of creators sharing their own recipes and takes on popular food. YouTube has everything, simple recipes perfect for the beginner chef to complex creations of theoretical foods. If you have an idea someone has probably done it and posted a video to the platform.

Along with the range of recipes, there is also a diverse creators base with their own unique spin on cooking that can make the viewing experience superior to a simple step-by-step cooking guide. Here are some of the best food channels on YouTube all with their own unique personality and specialty.

Babish Culinary Universe

Popular for his hit series Binging with Babish, Andrew Douglas Rea runs the Babish Culinary Universe YouTube channel boasting hundreds of recipes for everything from doughnuts to Sugar Chicken from Rick and Morty.

The channel is notorious for its creations based on food from television or movies. The series Binging with Babish is constantly taking these fantasy ideas and making them a reality. On top of this, the channel has a whole lot more including Basics with Babish, a series created to give the beginner chef a guide on how to make simple recipes.

With his trademark deep voice and witty personality, Rea makes learning to cook an engaging experience by walking the viewer through what is being done step by step with some jokes slipped in along the way.

There is a reason why the Babish Culinary Universe is one of the largest food channels on the platform and it is definitely worth adding to your FoodTube list.

Joshua Weissman

If you’re a fan of fast food then Joshua Weissman has the channel for you. His YouTube channel has grown to popularity thanks to his But Better series where Weissman takes a meal from a popular food chain and creates his own interpretation with the goal of doing it better.

The content doesn’t stop there, Weissman’s channel has plenty of other recipes that you can try for yourself along with the But Cheaper series where he shares recipes that are high quality but low cost.

This channel is perfect for teens or those in their early 20’s who have recently moved away from home and are looking to get creative in the kitchen. With the variety of recipes on display, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Rosanna Pansino

Those with a sweet tooth need to check out Rosanna Pansino’s channel. The largest food channel on YouTube, Pansino makes some incredible deserts based on some of your favorite pop culture properties in her series Nerdy Nummies.

Unlike the other channels on this list, Pansino’s channel isn’t exclusive to cooking, she also shared vlogs, beauty, and bloopers content. Her fun bubbly personality makes watching her cook extremely engaging and her creations are like no other.

The actor, singer, author, and chef, Pansino recently made her cooking TV debut in the HBO Max series Baketopia. Fans may recognize her from the handful of other series she has appeared on over the years.

If you love baked treats and sugar-filled creations, then this channel is going to be the perfect fit for you.

Sam The Cooking Guy

Sam Zien is the most seasoned chef on this list and his YouTube channel is the perfect platform for the former television chef to unwind and experiment with ideas.

Beginning his television cooking career in 2001, Zien made the transition to YouTube in 2011. This allowed him to film and produce content right from his home. Releasing content three times a week, Zien shares all kinds of recipes on his channel from original classics, reinventing fast food, and experimental deep-fried ideas.

Similar to his TV run, the Sam the Cooking Guy channel gives viewers a step-by-step guide to follow along and create their own extreme meals. 

If you’re looking for some healthy meal ideas this might not be the channel for you, however, if what you’re after is deep-fried comfort food goodness, then this channel will make you feel right at home.

Alvin Zhou

One thing that sets Alvin Zhou apart from the other creators on this list is the fact that he doesn’t speak on his channel. This is one of the reasons that Zhou’s channel is so unique, all the guiding and other jokes are conveyed through subtitles while lo-fi music is played. This dynamic works perfectly to suit the style of filmography and color grading on display.

Zhou has only created a handful of videos, however, these have all had a similar theme of slowly preparing these mouth-watering recipes. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Zhou plans to regularly upload to this channel anymore, but you can check him out as part of the YouTube channels About to Eat and Tasty. 

Guga Foods

If you like a good steak then there is no better channel on YouTube for you than Guga Foods. While there is a variety of meat-based foods prepared on the channel, its host Gustavo Tosta’s specialty is dry-aging meat and there have been plenty of experimental dishes created over the years.

From dry-aging foods in Nutella, Peanut Butter, or just different kinds of meats Guga Foods is your go-to spot and definitely a channel to add to the subscription list.

First We Feast

While not specifically a cooking channel First We Feast is one of the best and biggest food channels on the web. You’ve likely seen its most popular series Hot Ones that sees celebrities test themselves through a gauntlet of spicy wings while answering questions, but there is plenty of cooking to be seen on the channel. Most recently, the series Pizza Wars has been airing which has produced some of the most unique Pizzas on YouTube.

With a healthy mix of food and celebrity, there is no reason not to check First We Feast out.


Tasty is YouTube’s largest cooking channel boasting over 20 million subscribers. The channel boasts a massive range of different foods both savory and sweet as well as a wide cast of talented chefs hosting the show. Whatever you’re after you’ll find it on Tasty.

Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is the perfect channel for experienced chefs with its extremely talented hosts and quite technical recipes. Another of the most versatile channels, you’ll find every style of food on Bon Appétit, but the most popular series has been the Gourmet Makes series where some of your favorite foods and snacks are recreated in a gourmet fashion.

Epic Meal Time

One of the most iconic YouTube cooking channels and one the oldest, Epic Meal Time is the perfect place for junk food lovers to get their fix of over-the-top cooking. While there was quite a break since the channel once dominated the YouTube food space, Epic Meal Time is still making some crazy creations that will send you straight into a food coma to this day.