‘The Book of Boba Fett’ used new footage for that cameo scene

book of boba fett

The Book of Boba Fett finally kicked off on Disney Plus this week, as The Mandalorian spinoff show’s pilot episode launched on Wednesday. Just as you expect from the premiere of a series all about the eponymous fan favorite, the Robert Rodriguez-directed installment was packed with callbacks and references to please the fans. Not least, an opening flashback to Boba’s beginnings in Attack of the Clones.

The Boba Fett pilot kicks off with the bounty hunter in a Bacta tank dreaming of his origins, the moment when he held his father’s helmet as a child — a moment we originally saw in the second chapter of the prequel trilogy. Those who were paying close attention, though, may have noticed that the version of this scene in Book was not simply lifted from Episode II.

As pointed out by the Star Wars Visual Comparison Twitter account, it was recreated using unused Attack of the Clones footage. As well as one original shot.

Fan detectives discovered that a Young Boba stand-in performer had been hired specifically for the over-the-shoulder shot of the boy clone staring at Jango Fett’s helmet. Attack of the Clones star Daniel Logan then confirmed this was the case.

Logan later clarified that this was the only new shot created for this flashback, with the rest of the BoBF scene coming from the 2000 shoot.

While most of this flashback was made up of unseen Episode II material, the fact that they went to the trouble of creating this new shot is intriguing. It’s possible that this is just a brief snippet of a bigger recreation of the Clone Wars era. If that’s the case, that means we may get further flashes to Boba’s childhood in future episodes, with Temuera Morrison perhaps reprising his role as Jango. That’s just speculation, but it’s clear that the series is going to be flashback-heavy.

The Book of Boba Fett continues Wednesdays on Disney Plus.