The Defenders Run From A Mysterious Foe In This New Set Video


The reviews for Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist have been less than stellar, but that’s unlikely to deter fans from checking it out when it premieres this Friday, and it certainly hasn’t dulled any of the hype for their street-level superhero team-up show, The Defenders, which recently recommenced production in New York City after a break in filming.

The folks over at were on hand for a scene that was being shot last night and have now shared some footage online. It’s a little blurry, but we can make out Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Danny Rand (Finn Jones), and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) rushing what appears to be a severely injured Misty Knight (Simone Missick) to safety. The fact that they’re shooting in front of a huge green screen would suggest that they’re running from something, but what on earth could make the combined might of The Defenders (well, minus Daredevil) retreat like this?

We’re actually still not certain what type of threat the heroes are going to be facing when they join forces for the show, but we do know that Sigourney Weaver’s enigmatic villain, Alexandra, will be at the center of it, and that the powerful organization known as The Hand will also most likely be involved.

Though it’s unclear when exactly it’ll premiere, word on the web suggests that The Defenders will hit Netflix in June. As always, we’ll let you know once we have confirmation of that. Until then, tell us what you’re hoping to see from the show by leaving a comment down below.