The Flash EP Explains Why We Won’t Have A Crossover Event This Year

The Flash Reverse Flash

The Flash recently concluded its seventh season with a roller-coaster of a finale that gave the characters the ending they deserve. However, looking beyond this year, things still seem a little shaky for the Arrowverse as a whole.

The CW’s most ambitious undertaking was the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event that saw all of DC’s television heroes unite to battle the threat of the Anti-Monitor. In the ensuing war, Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen gave up his life to rebirth the universe, concluding Arrow‘s successful run after eight years.

Even back then, a lot of fans wondered how The CW planned to top what they deemed the “biggest crossover in the history of television,” and now that we’ve learned Supergirl is also coming to a close after season 6, the future of the Arrowverse remains in a state of ambiguity. For all we know, WB might be looking to focus their attention on developing series for HBO Max to catch up with the competition.

As for any future crossovers, The Flash executive producer Eric Wallace recently revealed during a chat with Deadline that due to COVID-19 restrictions making everything more difficult for the crew, there won’t be any such events across the Arrowverse in 2021. When asked, here’s what the creative had to say:

“No. At least, not at this point. There are still a lot of Covid protocols in place, which limit a lot of the things we can do as a production.”

Wallace further revealed that they’re planning a 5-episode event within the show that’ll take over as a replacement, with special guest stars and an ambitious narrative that’ll have all the makings of the traditional Arrowverse crossover. In the EP’s own words:

“With this five-part event, we want to deliver the same feeling to the audience that you would get with a crossover kind of story. That’s really the goal here, to give them something that’s not just an ordinary season premiere—something special, [in terms of] the guest stars that will be joining us, but also in the story that we’re telling.”

He concluded by saying that the scope is “a little bit bigger than usual for The Flash” so we’ll only have to wait and see what the Scarlet Speedster will have in store for us next.