The Flash Fans Are Freaking Out Over [SPOILERS] Return Last Night

The Flash

The Flash season 7 just wrapped up with a thrilling finale. Following on from last week’s 150th episode, “Heart of the Matter, Part 1”, this Tuesday’s “Part 2” saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his family – kids from the future Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart (Jordan Fisher) and wife Iris (Candice Patton), who got her speed back this episode – to take down Godspeed (Karan Oberoi) once and for all. But the speedster also had to call in an unlikely ally to get the job done.

In the finale’s big climactic showdown, Barry ordered his kids to sit this one out and let him take on Godspeed alone, promising them that he had a trick up his sleeve. His full plan was then revealed when Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) arrived on the scene. It was explained that Barry had brought his old nemesis back in exchange for his help in defeating August Heart. The three-way duel between the speedsters turned out to be a highlight of the season.

And fans are obviously going nuts over Eobard Thawne’s surprise comeback.

We’ve missed seeing Tom Cavanagh every week.

Who’d have thunk it?

Yes, the three speedsters really whipped up lightning lightsabers and had their own Phantom Menace moment. It was kinda silly but undeniably epic.

Once Godspeed was defeated, Thawne naturally turned on Barry and tried to take him down. But, for once, the Flash was too fast for him and he got the better of his old enemy.

Or, to put it another way…

Let’s hope Barry’s newfound confidence continues into season 8.

A great finale overall.

So what’s next now season 7 is over? Well, all the current team of regulars are set to return for season 8. Not much is known about the next run of the hit DC TV show but we can say that it’s premiering on The CW on Tuesday, November 16th. So, rest assured, The Flash will return.