The Flash Season 7 Finale Images Reveal A Second Wedding For Barry And Iris

Barry Allen and Iris West have always been one of the strongest couples in the Arrowvese. Granted, while they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs – involving timelines being erased and getting trapped in other dimensions – Barry and Iris’ love for each other has never been in doubt and has kept their marriage one of the most stable in the franchise. And it looks like the pair are about to reaffirm their vows with a second wedding ceremony in this week’s The Flash season 7 finale.

These first-look images at “Heart of the Matter, Part 2” showcase Mr. and Mrs. West-Allen (Grant Gustin, Candice Patton) back at the altar, surrounded by family and friends, including their kids from the future – Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart (Jordan Fisher) – and Cisco (Carlos Valdes), who’s officiating. Check out the touching scene for yourselves via the pics in the gallery below:

This is definitely a more intimate ceremony than their original one. As depicted in 2017’s “Crisis on Earth-X”, Barry and Iris planned to have a full-on church wedding attended by all of their superhero friends, but the party was crashed by multiversal Nazis (it happens). At the end of the crossover, they got married by Diggle in a speedy outside ceremony, in a double wedding with Oliver and Felicity. This time around, the shindig is taking place at the West house.

ET debuted these images. Fisher, who only just joined the show as the couple’s impulsive future son, reflected on the scene, and revealed it was one of his favorites to shoot in these final two episodes of the season.

“It’s a moment of affection and nurture and love and calm and care that is so justified in this moment and in this season,” Fisher explained. “It was one thousand percent one of my favorite things to film, literally just because of the people that were all on set.”

Last time on The Flash, Barry found himself trapped in the mind of his newest nemesis, Godspeed, but clearly the Scarlet Speedster and his allies will come out on top yet again and the season will end on a more uplifting note. Don’t miss the season finale this Tuesday, July 20th on The CW.