The Flash Set Images Reveal A New Character Believed To Be Rupture


The images above, courtesy of CanadaGraphs, were taken on the Vancouver set of The CW’s The Flash, and feature our first look at a brand new costumed character that bears quite a resemblance to DC Comics supervillian, Rupture.

In the comics, Armando Ramon, AKA Rupture, is the far less heroic brother of Cisco/Vibe. The villain, also known as the “Hound of Mordeth,” was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, and made his first appearance in Justice League of America #233. He was then reintroduced for the rebooted Prime Earth continuity in the pages of Justice League of America’s Vibe series.

The prevailing theory seems to be that Rupture will be introduced on the show as the brother of Cisco’s villainous Earth 2 counterpart Reverb, and will be seeking revenge on Barry and co. for his death.

Of course, there’s always a chance this isn’t actually Rupture at all, but the costumes are very similar and that scythe he’s holding is surely the clincher, don’t you think?

The Flash returns on March 22nd with an episode titled “Trajectory.” Until then, take a look at the photos above and let us know if you think it’s Rupture or not.