The Flash Star Says It’s Time For A New Name For The Arrowverse


Oliver Queen’s not yet cold in his grave, but one of the stars of The Flash is already suggesting their show should take over as the flagship of the franchise and that the Arrowverse should be renamed after it.

In a new video from TV Guide which features numerous Arrowverse stars speaking about the end of ArrowDanielle Panabaker – who plays Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost on The CW series – suggested that the franchise needs a new name now that the Emerald Archer’s dead and his show is concluding.

“If it’s been called the Arrowverse, what’s it going to be called now?” Panabaker asked. “The Flashverse, now that Arrow’s gone?”

Obviously, Panabaker is joking when she says this, but there genuinely has been a big discussion amongst fans about whether the point she raises is actually a good one. However, it’s mostly been agreed that the name should be kept as a testament to the show that started it all. This is something the Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin, has said before, too.

In this very video, in fact, another Arrowverse star voices her belief that there’s no way this shared DC universe is ever going to go by another name.

“It’s never not going to be called that,” Chyler Leigh, who portrays Kara’s sister Alex Danvers on Supergirl, said to TV Guide. “It’s never not going to be the Arrowverse.”

Arrow reaches its series finale tomorrow night. With Oliver having sacrificed himself to reboot the multiverse in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, the last episode – titled “Fadeout” – will focus on the hero’s funeral, bringing back many former regulars and guest stars from over the years in the process. Expect an emotional farewell to the show that kickstarted the franchise, but remember, the Arrowverse isn’t going anywhere.

Source: TV Guide