The Flash’s Sasha Calle Reportedly Starring In Supergirl HBO Max Series


The CW’s Supergirl series is heading towards the end of its sixth and final season, but DC might be already working on another TV show based on a different incarnation of the Girl of Steel. Next year, Supergirl is finally coming to the DCEU in November’s The Flash, with Sasha Calle playing the role opposite Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster.

With a character of key importance like Superman’s Kryptonian cousin, Calle was always going to return after this movie. And going by the latest intel, her next project after The Flash will be her very own HBO Max TV series. According to That Hashtag Show, this show will be a prequel to the film. While Supergirl will be already established as a hero in her first appearance, the purpose of the series is to flip back and reveal her origins story.

As per THS, the Supergirl show will “explore her past and what makes her who she is” as well as following her training and the development of her powers. Intriguingly, the outlet states that there’s a chance Michael Keaton could return as Batman in the project as the Dark Knight has a strong connection to Calle’s heroine which will be revealed in The Flash. However, THS points out that, as it’s a prequel, there is a chance another actor could be found to play a younger Bruce.

What’s more, other characters related to Supergirl’s origin will factor into the story, including some Kryptonians, although THS can confirm that Superman will not — I repeat NOT — be making an appearance. The Flash will apparently leave fans will a lot of questions about Calle’s character, with the HBO Max show intended to answer them.

With so much still unknown about the DCEU’s version of Kara — we’re not even sure if she is Kara Zor-El or a separate character as yet — the news that she could be getting her own streaming series is exciting. Even if we haven’t even said goodbye to The CW’s Supergirl yet.