The Following Season Premiere Review: “Resurrection” (Season 2, Episode 1)



There are some interesting dynamics at play in the new season of The Following. The characters are still in a state where it’s hard to know who to trust – anyone could be a member of this new cult – but there also appears to be a separation between the new and old cult.

Emma (Valorie Curry) is back this season as one of the eight surviving members of the original cult who hasn’t been caught or killed yet. In the first scene where we are reunited with her, she seems to be conflicted about the events that took place on the subway. We know that last season she wasn’t privy to every move that was made, and that was common practice in order to keep anyone with loose lips from being able to put the master plan in jeopardy. However, there’s almost a tinge of disgust when she speaks. If anything, she definitely doesn’t like the idea that there is a new set of followers out there that are making a go at it on their own. It’s almost like she can smell the disrespect intended.

As one of the original followers, Emma was close (more like in love) with Joe. Since we can’t be sure whether or not she knows he’s actually still alive, the attack on the subway would probably make her feel like there were amateurs attempting to disrespect his memory. Still, she’s intrigued (err, angered) enough to risk checking out a potential lead. I’d wager if she had been the one to find Carlos and put the pieces together, he wouldn’t have been able to walk out of that apartment, let alone run. Emma may look like someone that can be pushed around, but I wouldn’t suggest messing with her.

Since Emma is one of the few cult members still alive from round one, she doesn’t have many allies going into season two and she’s already set in strict contrast to the new followers. We got our first glimpse at what appears to be some of the key players in the new cult – and they don’t seem to harbor warm feelings for anyone that was with Joe in Havenport. The way the twins treated Carlos after he is discovered by Ryan is similar to how you’d treat a small child, not someone you have any sense of reverence for.

Are these cult members a colder version of the followers we saw in Season 1? How will Carroll react to this blatant message? Do you think Ryan and Mike will end up working this case together? Let us know all your theories on The Following in the comment section below!

Season 2 Predictions:

  • We’ll find out that Max’s new boyfriend is in the new cult.
  • Max and Mike will meet, sparks will fly, and that will be all she wrote.
  • Joe Carroll will return to NY.
  • Carroll and Hardy will end up working together to stop the cult.
  • Emma will die at the hands of the new cult members.
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