The Internet Is Fascinated With This Family Guy & Undertale Crossover

Has there ever been two pieces of media better suited for each other than Undertale and Family Guy? Okay, maybe they aren’t remotely alike, but that just makes their meme potential that much more powerful. A certain peace of blursed — blessed and cursed content at the same time — has the internet confused and in awe in the best way possible.

Twitter used @Harper6202 combined Peter from Family Guy, Sans from Undertale, Kingdom Hearts, and for unexplainable reason the Kirby series of games into one epic masterpiece. We can’t do it justice by explaining it, just check out the video below:

The art for the epic combination was drawn by Animator, editor, illustrator, and writer Bodko while the music being composed by Yoko Shimomura for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix titled “The Other Promise.” Despite it being so weird, the post has gone viral on Twitter, with reactions ranging from impressive to downright confused.

So, is it blessed? Cursed? Blursed? Has anyone eyes fallen out and they need a doctor? Tell us in the comments!