The Internet Remembers Infamous Judy Hopps Comic As Zootopia+ Is Announced On Disney Plus

A promotional image for Zootopia+
Image via Disney

While many were hoping that a sequel film was on the way, fans were still absolutely thrilled to hear that Zootopia+ — a new short form series — is coming to Disney Plus in 2022. It looks like we’ll get to see some of our favorite characters, like Judy’s parents, Clawhauser, Bogo, and Flash in a whole bunch of fun situations.

Despite their joy, several fans of Zootopia had a much darker take on the announcement, expressing their desire for Judy’s abortion in the infamous fan comic “I Will Survive” to somehow become canon in the series.

For those who don’t know, “I Will Survive” gained full-on meme status in 2017 after the artist known as Borba uploaded it to DeviantArt. The comic features Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the movie in a relationship that results in Judy becoming pregnant with their child.

While Hopps is concerned with the safety of having an interspecies birth and how things may affect her career, Wilde argues in favor of keeping the baby. After a dramatic fight, the couple breaks up.

We understand if your head is spinning right now. It’s a lot to take in that someone would want to draw such an intense take on the wholesome family storyline. But what if we told you that the comic then spawned a sequel that confirmed not only Hopps getting the abortion, but her beginning a lesbian relationship?

“Born to Be Alive” was published back in 2018 after the artist had already tried to convince others that the previous comic wasn’t pro-life. He shared his concerns about the controversy that the previous comic had caused.

I Will Survive created a fuss surrounding the issue of abortion and a great deal of shitposting in the comment areas. I said it was a fuss because the comic was about a breakup and what caused it, with the abortion theme working just as the contentious matter that triggered the intense argument between Nick and Judy. Anyway, I hope the moods are calmer now and that this sequel won’t be considered as controversial as IWS was.”

Oh, and the series doesn’t end there — it gets even wilder.

“Never Say Goodbye” featured a storyline that had Hopps reliving a Zootopia-themed version of the JFK assassination. Borba discussed his reservations about posting the latest comic on his DeviantArt blog.

“I ended up deciding to publish it right here on DA rather than on my website, despite my reservations about doing so due to the avalanche of personal attacks and s**tposting that IWS and BTBA received in their respective comment areas. The decision was correct; as I expected the time passed and the unwanted presence was gone, their ill-natured attention going to another targets, leaving these my Zootopia fan comics in peace.”

With the new announcement of Zootopia+, however, it looks like he may not get the peace he was hoping for. Tons of Twitter users have been referencing the comic after the latest announcement, likely driving tons of people to check out the infamous comics.

Yeah, that’s pretty understandable…

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one surprised that these comics exist.

It really would be a lot to ask of Disney Plus to get all these things right.

If you want to read “I Will Survive” for yourself to see just how wild and intense it is, it’s available for free on DeviantArt. While there’s basically no way that it would ever conceivably contain such a storyline, Zootopia+ will make its way onto Disney Plus in 2022.