The Last Of Us Star Says It’s The Biggest Thing They’ve Ever Done

the last of us

HBO’s The Last of Us is one of the biggest productions in the history of the television industry in more ways than one, with the project under huge pressure to deliver the goods based on the exorbitant costs involved.

Not only is it an adaptation of what’s widely regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made, but each episode is rumored to be costing upwards of $10 million, with leading man Pedro Pascal becoming one of the small screen’s highest-paid talents after landing himself a contract that pays $600,000 for each of the ten installments.

It’s also the largest shoot to ever take place in Canada, funneling untold millions into the local economy and creating hundreds of jobs, so let’s hope it doesn’t suck. Star Bella Ramsey might only be 18 years old, but she knows a thing or two about epic TV having previously appeared in Game of Thrones and His Dark Materials.

In a recent interview with the BBC, the actress admitted that The Last of Us is far and away the biggest thing she’s ever been a part of during her brief career.

“It does definitely feel like the biggest thing I have done and I have to not think about that too much as it freaks me out a little bit. When I got over here I had two weeks’ quarantine alone with my thoughts and I had to not think about the scale of it.” 

With filming not scheduled to conclude until next summer, The Last of Us is looking at a potential 2023 premiere, by which time expectations will be through the roof among fans of the source material and regular audiences alike.