The Last War Looms In New Game Of Thrones 8×04 Photos

Game of Thrones

We’ve watched the Battle for Blackwater Bay and endured the Battle of the Bastards, and this past weekend, Game of Thrones arguably surpassed all expectations – at least from a technical standpoint – with “The Long Night.”

In it, director Miguel Sapochnik delivered the Battle of Winterfell, an epic and at-times spooky installment in which Arya Stark stared down the literal personification of death, said “not today,” and drove her Valyrian dagger deep into the Night King’s exposed flesh. If that’s what you want to call it…

Whatever the case, Arya’s heroics have opened up an interesting power vacuum. Now, Jon and Dany’s combined forces must turn their attention to the other common enemy: Cersei Lannister. She’s managed to secure the backing of Euron Greyjoy and the Golden Company, which is to say that she’s well equipped to handle a battle against the Mother of Dragons (dragon?). Let’s not forget that Cersei has one or two scorpions lurking within the depths of King’s Landing, and Drogon may well be nursing his wounds by the time episode 8×04 begins.

Speaking of which, HBO has now released eight – count ’em, eight – high-res stills from this Sunday’s installment.

There’s plenty to unpack here. For one, it seems as though Jon and Dany are still fighting out of the same corner, despite the recent revelation that they are, in fact, related by blood. Targaryen blood, no less. You’ll also notice that the survivors are paying their respects to those who laid down their lives during the Battle of Winterfell. Edd and Jorah are no doubt among them, though in saying that, we really expected a higher body count…

Game of Thrones 8×04 is slated to arrive this coming Sunday, May 5th. And while we’re rooted to the edge of our seats with excitement, this week’s episode is nothing compared to 8×05 – or so says the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke.