The latest episode of ‘Moon Knight’ brings a brutal Marvel villain into the MCU

moon knight

This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5

Moon Knight‘s penultimate episode was crammed with revelations about Marc Spector’s past, how Steven Grant came to be, and the dark consequences of being Khonshu’s avatar. This was explained via multiple flashbacks, with one, in particular, laying to rest a mystery established in previous episodes.

The episode details Marc Spector’s involvement with the massacre of a group of archaeologists in the Egyptian desert, with Layla’s father among the victims. Last week, Layla began to believe Marc had killed her father, though in this flashback we learn that he tried and failed to protect the group. Mortally wounded, Marc crawled into Khonshu’s temple, where the god offered him a pact in exchange for saving his life.

But along the way, the episode confirmed the MCU existence of a key Moon Knight comics villain: Raul Bushman. Introduced back in 1980, Bushman is a mercenary leader with a skull tattooed on his face and has sharpened steel teeth, which he uses in combat.

Raul Bushman in Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Comics

Moon Knight has faced off against Bushman many times over the years, though the latter has also worked with other Marvel villains like Baron Zemo and Taskmaster in Black Widow’s solo comic. Bushman is hardly a huge threat to the world, though he’s a mean customer and he and Spector clearly have unfinished business.

Moon Knight has just one episode to go and no confirmation of a second season, though one can expect that when Layla discovers who actually murdered her father she’ll want revenge (and obviously Marc isn’t going to be too happy about almost dying after being shot by him). So, who knows, maybe a proper MCU appearance Bushman is still a possibility in future films or series.

Moon Knight‘s finale will air on Disney Plus on May 4.