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The ‘Little People, Big World’ cast ranked by net worth

The cast of 'Little People' have big paychecks.

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The Little People, Big World cast won the hearts of fans from the start. Over the almost 24 seasons the show has been on, we have watched as the small, loveable family of six soon grew into a bustling clan of 18 and counting. With all the fame came a family farm, entrepreneurial ventures, spinoffs, and success of all kinds, but who in the family is the most financially successful? We set out to figure that out, and here’s what we discovered.

Matt Roloff: $6 Million

Matt Roloff of Little People Big World
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Matt Roloff, the father of the Roloff clan, tops the net worth charts with a whopping $6 million to his name. Matt’s money is a combination of his investments, the Roloff family farm, and of course his fame from being a well-known TV personality. Although Matt’s fame did come with a little bit of notoriety as he became the “bad boy” of the Roloff crew. Arrested twice for driving under the influence, ongoing feuds with his sons, and an alleged cheating scandal have all made Matt less than a fan favorite over the years.

Matt’s feuds with his sons centered around their offer and negotiations to buy part of the family farm, which fell through and Matt instead put the portions on the market for sale. The broken deal caused a major rift between the family with Matt’s son, Zach, his wife, Tori, and their three children moving away. They are no longer on speaking terms with Matt or his long-time girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. In fact, Zach had said he would not be introducing his father or Caryn to his and Tori’s newest son, Josiah. It was and continues to be quite the scandal. Matt has since taken the portion of the farm off the market and stated his intent to use it as a rental property, adding even more income to his ever-growing empire.

Amy Roloff: $6 Million

Amy Roloff Little People Big World
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Amy Roloff has also made quite a name for herself in the reality TV world and has leveraged that fame into several lucrative projects and investments. In fact, she matches her ex-husband, Matt, in terms of net worth at a whopping $6 million. Amy authored her own cookbook, cleverly titled Short and Simple Fall Recipes, that unsurprisingly has done very well. While she did sell off a portion of her part of the family farm to her ex during the divorce, she still holds some stakes in it and receives royalties.

Amy is now happily remarried to her current partner, Chris Marek, and her relationship with her children remains on good terms. With a new, happy husband, a thriving family, a $6 million fortune, and a booming empire, yes, it is safe to say Amy is definitely living her best life.

Audrey Mirabella Botti: $1 Million

Audrey Mirabella botti Little People Big World
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Audrey Mirabella Botti is married to the Roloff son, Jeremy, but she has achieved a level of fame all her own. Audrey is a blogger, a well-known TV personality, a designer, and makes a successful living from the combination of these talents. She and Jeremy have three children together and also make appearances on Little People, Big World from time to time.

Through all of these various appearances and projects, Audrey earns a spot as number three in the Roloff family net worth countdown, putting her around $1 million, just ahead of brother-in-law Zach, who is next on the countdown.

Zach Roloff: $700,000

Zach Roloff Little People Big world
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Zach is a Little People, Big World original, starting filming when he was just 14 years old. He receives royalties from the show and was able to earn some savings when he worked as a tour guide on the family farm. He coaches youth soccer and receives additional income from various projects and royalties. He and Tori have three children together.

They recently moved away from the family farm following the scandal with his father and stepmother surrounding the sale of the property. While he has been estranged from his father, with Matt not even having met Zach and Tori’s newest arrival, it is rumored that a reconciliation is in the works. Zach and Tori continue to make appearances on Little People, Big World.

Jeremy Roloff: $700,000

Jeremy Roloff Little People Big World
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Like twin brother Zach, Jeremy is another Little People Big World original also having begun filming at the tender young age of 14. He is currently married to Audrey Botti, and they share three children together. Jeremy also receives royalties from his time on the show and working on the family farm. He has leveraged his celebrity status to pursue several business ventures and continues to find success in them.

His wife also has her own celebrity status and actually has a higher net worth than him. On his own, Jeremy has a net worth similar to his brother’s at around $700,000.

Jacob Roloff: $700,000

Jacob Roloff Little People Big World
Image via Entertainment Weekly

Jacob Roloff is the youngest of the Roloff men. While he hasn’t been on the show in some time, he began filming when he was only 8 years old and still receives royalties from his time on the air, although his memories of that time are allegedly less than pleasant.

Jacob claimed that he was molested by one of the former producers of the show, Chris Cardamone, who worked on the show from 2007-2010. Jacob alleges that after a “long grooming process” he was eventually molested. He revealed this information in a long Instagram post saying he was coming forward now so that he had an opportunity to heal from his experience.

Jacob is now married to his partner, Isabel Rock, and the two travel the country with their dog and most recently their new addition, baby Mateo. Jacob has a YouTube channel that he uses to document his journey, which earns him more income. Plus he has a large social media following that he leverages for income from the promotion and advertisement of products. He has a reported net worth similar to that of his brothers at around $700,000.

Molly Roloff: $500,000

Molly Roloff is the family’s only daughter. She has also left the Roloff family show’s spotlight although she does make occasional guest appearances on the series. Molly expressed early on that she wanted to make her own way in life, and it seems like she is doing a great job of that. She also receives royalties from her time on the show and from the family farm, but she got her degree in accounting and works in that field.

She is currently married to Joel Silvius but keeps her private life, just that—private. She has her social media restricted to just close friends and family, with whom she remains on good terms. Molly is currently reportedly worth similarly to her siblings around $500,000.

The Roloff family of Little People, Big World, were among the first reality TV stars of the TLC network to make it big. It joined the ranks of shows such as Sister Wives, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and several others to find fame and fortune simply by being themselves. While the members of the family have their own claims to fame, it seems the creators of the group, parents Matt and Amy Roloff, still hold the title for highest net worth, all due at least in part to their time on the show.

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