‘The Mandalorian’ sparked our nostalgia for an iconic ‘Destiny’ location

'The Mandalorian' episode two gave us 'Vault of Glass' vibes
Images via LucasFilm / Bungie

It’s undeniable that Destiny and many other science-fiction franchises have Star Wars to thank for a lot of its inspiration. One could argue that Bungie lifted straight from the LucasFilm franchise’s playbook when coming up with a lot of the armor in their shared world shooter, which can often look quite Mandalorianesque.

However, the latest episode of The Mandalorian had us thinking about matters in a reverse order. As Din Djarin and Grogu made their descent into the depths of the derelict Mandalorian home planet, we couldn’t help but feel a spark of nostalgia that transported us back to 2014 and into the game’s very first raid, the Vault of Glass.

A faint blue light bleeding through the surface to a mysterious and deserted hub of technology, which is peppered with endless cubic shapes in a chaotic mess of asymmetry can be the description of the sights we see both under the surface of Mandalore and in the depths of the subterranean Vex stronghold on Venus.

Even when it comes to the hostilities that awaited both Pedro Pascal’s character and Guardians in their respective locations, there was an undeniable similarity in the ominous red glowing eyes. 

To be fair, the aesthetic that we’ve described can probably be found in many other sci-fi franchises, and it’s probably a stretch to say that Disney’s concept artists decided to draw inspiration from Bungie’s world, but we couldn’t help half-expect Mando to end up popping some rounds in some goblins and hydras rather than alamites.

As far as Destiny raids go, we’re less than 24 hours away from the launch of the next pinnacle challenge Bungie will throw at us – here’s how you can best prepare yourself for it. As for Din Djarin, he’ll be resuming his adventures when the next episode of The Mandalorian drops on Disney Plus next Wednesday.