The Memory Of Barbara Holland Will Play A “Big Part” Of Stranger Things Season 2


Barbara Holland is dead, make no mistake about it. As one of the early victims of the Demogorgon in last year’s Stranger Things, Shannon Purser’s fan-favorite endured a grisly death, left to rot in the bowels of the Upside Down with only an elongated throat slug for company.

There’s no coming back from that, according to Shawn Levy. But before you go grabbing your pitchforks and crying out for justice, the show’s executive producer noted that, “her memory, and the search for justice for her, is a big part of season two.” Variety posted a brief interview with Levy earlier this morning, before raising the question of Barb’s fate, to which he replied:

For a show that cemented its status as the breakout hit of 2016 – in the TV space, at least – Barb’s transformation into a cult hero really took everyone off guard, leading to a series of rumors that Shannon Purser’s bespectacled teen would be alive and well by the time Stranger Things season 2 bows in the fall. Alas, that’s not the case, and though many had already drawn conclusions after that aforementioned throat slug slithered out of Barb’s cold, lifeless throat, let this be the final confirmation that Purser’s character is a goner. As for how Barb’s memory plays a “big part” in the show’s second season, we assume it will be Nancy Wheeler spearheading the hunt for justice.

Stranger Things season 2 will premiere just in time for Halloween. It’ll run a little longer than the first – up one episode from the original eight – while the Duffer Brothers have teased the story clues buried in each episode title.

Source: Twitter