‘The Morning Show’ fans are in awe of Jennifer Aniston’s season 2 finale performance

the morning show

Following the release of The Morning Show season two finale Friday, Jennifer Aniston fans everywhere are clamoring for the actress to sweep all the awards.

Spoilers Ahead

In the season finale of the show, Aniston’s Alex is struggling with having COVID, which puts the character in a vulnerable state and on a path to redemption after engaging in some inconsiderate behavior to the other characters in the show leading up to this.

The isolation the character faced after perhaps not behaving in the most righteous way with the other characters results in what was, for many fans, an unforgettable turn for Aniston.

In addition, fans praised the second season overall, including the performances of co-star Reese Witherspoon, for the entire wild, if at times, uneven, ride.

Speaking of Witherspoon, her character Bradley also had an emotional and highly praised turn in the finale as the character mourned in agony over the disappearance of her brother, Hal.

Both Witherspoon and Aniston lit up Instagram Friday in celebration of the finale as well.

“Goodbye for now to my @themorningshow family. We made it. Crawled to the finish line,” Aniston wrote in a post that featured a gallery of photos of herself and co-stars behind the scenes on the show. “I could not be prouder of each and every one of these extraordinary actors, a crew that you can only dream of, and directors that held my hand on quite a wild journey of emotions.”

“We have the most amazing directors on @themorningshow!,” exclaimed Witherspoon in a post she made sharing photos of herself and the many directors of the show. “So much gratitude to EVERY member of our cast & amazing crew for making all the magic happen!”

You can watch The Morning Show on Apple TV+ right now.