The most expensive homes in ‘Bridgerton,’ ranked

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Bridgerton isn’t just an addictive Regency-era drama series, it’s also a great showing of the most impressive and unique locations in the United Kingdom.

With its second season inbound, there is likely plenty more of these beautiful buildings to be seen. But it remains to be seen whether it will be able to trump the six iconic structures that graced the first season of the Emmy-nominated show.

Factoring in both their age and incredible craftsmanship fans might be curious to know just how expensive some of the locations in the Netflix series are, so here’s a look at the most lavish homes you can see in season one of Bridgerton.

6. The Featherington Residence

While it isn’t cheap by any means, The Featherington Residence represented by the No. 1 Royal Crescent is the most affordable of all locations used to film in the show. The building located in Bath will still set you back somewhere near $8,493,351.

The home is a part of the great Royal Crescent structure which includes 30 different terrace homes. You can visit this home and check out its unique stylings and furnishings for yourself.

5. The Bridgeton Residence

Of course, The Bridgerton Residence is a key location in the show, but it’s far from the most expensive. Still, it is far from affordable as the real-life counterpart, known as the Ranger’s House, is worth around $46,457,212.

Ranger’s House is located in Greenwich, London, and is adjacent to the beautiful Greenwich Park. It is home to more than 700 works of art including the Wernher Collection while the exterior is eye-catching with its coverage by wisteria plants.

This is one of the locations from Bridgerton that you can visit so if you plan on taking a holiday themed after the show, don’t forget to visit Ranger’s House.

4. Lady Dangbury’s Residence

Holburne Museum of Art is the location used for Lady Danbury’s Residence in Bridgerton and the building is not cheap with an estimated price tag of $58,738,534.

As the name suggests the building houses a ton of incredible art, something which is obvious from the building itself as it is adorned with a stunning ceramic design. When it was first built, the purpose of the building was to be a hotel, however, it was instead transformed into a home for art instead.

If you want to experience this location from Bridgerton yourself then you’re in luck! You can hire the Holburne Museum of Art for your own events. If this is something you’d be interested in then you can read more on the building’s official website here.

3. The Duke of Hasting’s Residence

The Duke of Hasting’s residence in the show is set at Wilton House which is valued around $147,676,656. The house has appeared not only in Bridgerton but also in a ton of other popular drama series over the years.

Originally the home was built for William Herbert, the first Earl of Pembroke. It is located in Wilton, a town near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Over the years the premises has undergone some changes, especially in 1647 when a fire ruined a small section of the property.

The building boasts seven iconic staterooms which include their own unique designs and are fitted with a ton of extremely expensive paintings from artists including Van Dyck and even a Rembrandt!

2. The Duke and Duchess’ Residence

One of the most expensive locations in Bridgerton is Clyvedon Castle, home to the Duke and Duchess. The luxurious residence is represented by Castle Howard and is estimated to be worth $281,453,966.

The premises located near York has a ton of rooms — 140 in total to be precise, which somewhat justifies its hefty price tag. At one point the castle had its own railway station also which would provide quick travel between the castle and the village of Welburn, but as you can guess, they are no longer in service.

1. Queen Charlotte’s Residence

What should come as no surprise to fans, the most expensive home shown so far in Bridgerton by a longshot is Queen Charlotte’s Residence. This location in the show is London’s Hampton Court Palace which has a whopping value of around $624,066,299.

The palace built in the 1500s for King Henry VIII has it all — a variety of gardens, a huge maze, tennis courts, Tudor kitchens, 1400 magnificent rooms, etc, sprawled across 750 acres of land.

If you happen to be in the UK and want to check out this iconic building, you can! As tours are held on-site you can check out more of this for yourself here.

So, while the story of the eldest Bridgerton’s quest for love in Season 2 will be surely enthralling, keep an eye out for more such magnificent locations posing as the grand residences of your favorite characters.

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