The Office Actor BJ Novak Is “Amused” His Face Is On Products Worldwide

NBC Universal

The Office actor B.J. Novak is apparently the unofficial spokesperson for a number of products worldwide, though Novak had nothing to do with it.

As The New York Times reports, products ranging from Calvin Klein’s Encounter cologne in Sweden, face paint in Uruguay, electric razors in China, and ponchos in Europe feature the image of the actor, whose striking gaze can hardly be mistaken for anyone else.

Novak is apparently fairly good-humored about the whole affair, as he explained on his Instagram account that someone mistaken uploaded an image of him on a public domain site years ago. However, the actor said he’s “too amused to do anything about it,” despite having possible grounds for a copyright claim of some sort, we suspect.

You can check out the various images of the actor slapped onto products via Novak’s Instagram page, screenshots of which we have collected for you below:

According to the report, there are indeed a number of legal options Novak could pursue if he wanted to, so says lawyer Marc Misthal.

Novak’s attorneys could send cease-and-desist letters to the companies that use his image — or even sue said companies — more likely outcomes than trying to take legal action over the person who uploaded the picture to a public domain website.

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