The Office Review: “Promos” (Season 9, Episode 18)

The Office begins its final run of episodes this week with the latest episode titled, “Promos”. It sees the characters react to the promos airing for the documentary that is The Office, and revolves mostly around Dwight, Pam, Angela, Oscar and their storylines. There’s also plenty of throwbacks and references for long-time fans to catch.

The cold opens are one of my favorite parts of the show, but this time, there’s not much to see. Phyllis has started listening to the audiobook version of Fifty Shades of Grey in the office and makes it uncomfortable for everyone there. Leave it to Dwight to fix the problem as he pours cold water over her, and does the same to Andy later on when he starts listening to it himself. “Don’t worry guys, she’s no longer horny,” announces Dwight. A very humorous opening, but not hilarious, which was my overall reaction to the whole episode.

We begin with Dwight seeking dating advice from Clark as he’s now seeing Esther, whom we met last episode. One of the things this season has done extremely well, especially in the last couple of episodes, is make us realize why Dwight and Angela are perfect for each other. I didn’t expect Esther to stick around beyond this episode, but I’m glad that she is, if only to see how far they go before Dwight and Angela win each other back. Knowing that Dwight is dating another girl only makes me want them to get back together even more. There is an epic love story hidden in the Dwight/Angela story somewhere and I’d like to see the show return to it.

Almost everything from this episode spiraled out of the new promos that airs for the documentary the characters have been a part of for the last nine years, The Office: An American Workplace. Everyone gathers around to see it, including Creed, who sadly doesn’t have anything to say this episode. I’ll admit, I felt incredibly nostalgic watching that promo. They even had clips of Michael Scott, letting us know that even if Steve Carell doesn’t return for the finale, his presence will be felt.

The shots of Angela and Dwight again reminded me why they need to get back together soon. The other thing this season has done incredibly well is remind us why Jim and Pam are an awesome couple, and the promo further exemplified that, especially with that classic shot of Jim and Pam on the roof from the Season 2 episode, “The Client.”

This season so far has built up some tension between the two, and I’m loving it. Ever since they got married the show hasn’t had a great Jim/Pam storyline. Now with the awkwardness between them you remember why they were an awesome couple in the first place and this season is working towards Jim and Pam reclaiming their former glory. Like Angela and Dwight, I can’t wait to see how that happens.

The episode featured Ryan Howard as guest star too, who came to Jim and Darryl in Philadelphia with a script for a movie. No, no that Ryan Howard, this is Phillies baseball player Ryan Howard. The story didn’t do much for me but again, it was humorous rather than hilarious. However, Howard did a fine job in his role and did make me smile on a couple of occassions.

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