The Originals Season Premiere Review: “Rebirth” (Season 2, Episode 1)


Now that The Originals has made it to season two, the writers aren’t wasting any time with formalities. “Rebirth” brings back some familiar names with brand spanking new faces. This episode doesn’t really introduce viewers to the returning characters, as it makes the broad generalization that you’re already familiar with them from The Vampire Diaries – despite their dramatic new looks. Instead, it delves right into the setting the stage for a reunion that is sure to be memorable.

The Originals branded its second season a family reunion, and that’s exactly what tonight’s season premiere looks like it’s setting into motion. The Guerreros are out, and once again the Mikaelson’s are back in – all of them. It’s only a matter of time before Rebekah (Claire Holt) is lured back to New Orleans, and then the fun will really begin. In the meantime, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has both parents and all his other siblings to occupy his schedule – good thing he doesn’t have changing diapers to distract him from whatever is coming.

Klaus as a character walks a fine line between tormentor and savior. Even before he relocated to New Orleans, we saw glimpses of the man that Klaus could be during his arc on The Vampire Diaries. Since he spawned The Originals, his character development has taken him to the extremes, both dark and light. Morgan brings a splendid display of control to a complex character and in “Rebirth” we see his many layers exposed as he attempts to right the wrongs that were done to him and his family.

The Originals didn’t take any time before getting right to the point. Klaus and his cohorts went straight into battle-mode after the writers gave viewers a brief glimpse at how our favorite vampires and hybrids spent their hiatus from the limelight, in the form of a fairytale. The Guerrero werewolves enjoyed the seat of power, mostly behind closed doors, and as soon as the season opened, they lost it. Klaus may not have completely taken back the reins to his kingdom, but there won’t be many werewolves around to oppose him after the surprise massacre he orchestrated.