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‘The Rings of Power’ fans call out the absurdity of a popular theory

Halbrand couldn't be Sauron... could he?

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Only hours separate us from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power finally unveiling Sauron and putting all the frenzied speculation among the online community to rest. One way or another, we’re going to learn the truth, though parts of the community are wary about one particular theory becoming reality.

Ever since appearing on that raft in the Sundering Seas, fans have accused Halbrand of being none other than the titular Lord of the Rings himself. As for why he was in the middle of the ocean, to begin with, many argue that the sinister villain is trying to worm his way into Galadriel’s trust and break apart the Eldar from within. And who better to target than the Elven princess hunting him?

But besides the obvious, and certain hints that the writers couldn’t resist but put into the narrative — including Halbrand being really into smithing — some fans think this reveal wouldn’t make any sense, and they’ve laid all their arguments out over at the official Rings of Power subreddit. Check it out below.

Even if Halbrand is Sauron, the Amazon team will have to do a lot more to convince the majority of people that his storyline makes sense.

And if memory serves us well, Sauron was actually astonished by Numenor’s glory and grew envious of it. We saw none of that in Halbrand when he first set eyes upon the proud island kingdom.

The biggest argument against Halbrand being Sauron is the fact that he couldn’t have been in control of the events, and the Enemy was ever cunning in his machinations.

The Rings of Power finale is premiering in nine hours at 12am ET.

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