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The ‘Secret Invasion’ has gotten so bad that Skrulls are crashing real-life weddings

This doesn't bode well for the human race.

Secret Invasion
Image via Marvel Studios

It seems there’s no way to run from the Skrulls. The Secret Invasion has been underway for some time without human detection, but with Nick Fury and Talos on the case, the aliens have only gotten bolder in their strategic advancement. So bold, in fact, that there have been real-life sightings of them.

As one fan shared on Reddit, the Skulls are making themselves quite comfortable in their much-desired new home planet, to the point of showing up uninvited to Earthly events. Fortunately, the wedding-crashing alien had the decency to dress appropriately, as evidenced by the photo he managed to snag with the bride and groom.

If this is part of Marvel’s promotional campaign for its latest Disney Plus series, we have to admit it’s a well-thought-out one. Creativity is the name of the game, and while Secret Invasion prefers to entrust some of its aspects to A.I., at least we know its human marketing team is pulling out all the stops. (Unless A.I. came up with this idea, too. We may never know.)

Fans are certainly appreciating the investment that went into promoting the show so far, praising the idea of making the Skrull invasion as real as can be. No matter if the show ends up being good or bad, this is already considered a win.

Secret Invasion has had some of the smartest marketing material in recent Marvel history, starting with the iconic character posters that floated around Twitter ahead of the show’s release. Let’s just hope this type of energy is kept up for future projects. And don’t forget, if you see a Skrull around, maybe walk the other way instead of taking a photo with them. Not all are so friendly.

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