The Supporting Characters Of Marvel And Netflix’s Iron Fist May Have Been Revealed


The Hashtag Show have proven themselves to be pretty reliable lately when it comes to details on Netflix’s Marvel TV shows, including the reveal that Finn Jones is playing Danny Rand in Iron Fist. Now, they claim to have learned which characters will be joining the hero in his series, and it’s an impressive list of names.

The list includes Coleen Wing (she’s been a Hero for Hire, Iron Fist’s love interest, and is a close ally of Misty Knight, a character we’ll soon see in Luke Cage), Davos The Steel Serpent (a former Iron Fist, and one of the Danny’s greatest foes), Joy Meachum (CEO of Rand Meachum, INC.) and her villainous Uncle, Ward Meachum.

Those characters pretty much fill all the roles you’d expect to see here, and more details on each of them can be found in the video above. If recent reports are to be believed, Shang-Chi may be making an appearance, too, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

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