The Vampire Diaries Review: “Do You Remember The First Time?” (Season 6, Episode 7)



The Vampire Diaries phoned it in tonight with the first filler episode of season six. Damon’s (Ian Somerhaler) return to 2014 has been met with nothing but anti-climactic moments. What was supposed to be a magical reunion with the love of his life has turned into multiple episodes filled with blank stares and stammering apologies. Not to mention, it seems like most of his loved ones are too busy to even notice he’s back. It’s not everyday that your dead brother/friend returns from the dead. Oh, wait, on The Vampire Diaries, it sort of is.

I get it, Elena (Nina Dobrev) doesn’t remember that she loved Damon. I didn’t miss the part where Alaric (Matt Davis) compelled her to forget all those wonderfully passionate memories of their life together. Or, when Elena decided she wanted her memories back and instead unforeseen circumstances put a hold on that whim. But is it absolutely necessary to make Damon look so darn pathetic in the aftermath of what viewers already knew was a poor decision?

Damon may have come to terms with once again getting the short end of the stick – obvious from his selfless walking away gesture – but that doesn’t mean fans of The Vampire Diaries are going to so easily jump on the bandwagon. And, why should they? After adjusting the the obviousness that was Elena and Damon’s affection for one another, viewers had a long and painful wait to finally get what they longed for – only to have it taken away from them, often and exhaustively.

This season of The Vampire Diaries is arguably already better than the last two combined, but there’s a limit to the amount of Elena and Damon drama that fans should have to endure. Either let them be together, or let them move on. If the writers want to focus on a different complicated couple, be my guest. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola). Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Caroline. Alaric and his latest doctor crush. Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Live (Penelope Mitchell). As you can see, there are plenty to choose from at the moment. It would almost be too easy.

There were a few notable plot twists in “Do You Remember The First Time?” despite the overwhelming feeling that nothing really happened to move the story along. Bonnie (Kat Graham) is alive. Not entirely well or in the happiest of circumstances, but that didn’t stop her from exacting her own version of temporary revenge on her psychopathic captor. The irony of her using the very instrument that he brought along as a show of desperation was probably the best part of the episode. Nonetheless, since the writers introduced a startling piece of Dr. Jo’s (Jody Lyn O’Keefe) past tonight, the clock is ticking on Bonnie and Kai (Chris Wood) leaving 1994 in the rearview mirror.

Although Jo seems like she’s an adjusted enough former witch, I’m guessing that running into the brother that killed most of her “siblings” and thought he killed her isn’t going to go over well. But, how convenient will it be for our favorite vampires to have a Gemini witch in the vicinity. It also kills the idea that the Gemini Coven couldn’t help rescue Damon and Bonnie from their purgatory like Stefan led us (err, was led) to believe.

Perhaps Jo will be able to make amends for that bit of deceit by recovering Elena’s memories. In my review of last week’s episode, I threw out a theory that Elena entering the city limits of Mystic Falls might be the answer that Damon was looking for. It certainly seems like the writers are working in that direction. If Jo can save Elena from drowning, rendering her a human once again, she would have her memories back and her mortality. It’s a win-win situation.

The Vampire Diaries may have slowed things down with this episode, but it looks like things are just getting interesting.