The Vampire Diaries Review: “The Killer” (Season 4, Episode 5)

The Vampire Diaries

“No, Damon. I didn’t tell him I got high on blood like some dirty crackhead and then Dirty Danced with you.”

Things are definitely tense on The Vampire Diaries. Between Elena adapting to her new supernatural lifestyle and a hunter with supernatural qualities of his own showing up in Mystic Falls everyone is on edge. After we saw the effects of a supernaturally backed hunter i.e. Alaric: The Vampire Hunter turned Alaric: The Vampire/Hunter, there’s no way to put a positive spin on it. What should worry us only slightly more is the secret alliance between Stefan and Klaus that is unfolding.

Since the hunter opted out of Klaus’s version of hospitality, he has decided to show some of our favorite human residents of Mystic Falls some hospitality of his own. With Elena (Nina Dobrev) barely holding it together as it is, this new hostage situation that develops can’t be good for anyone. Connor (Todd Williams) traps Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Matt (Zach Roerig), and April (Grace Phipps) – who seems to almost trip into the path of danger – at the Mystic Grill under less than hospitable conditions.

Without adding to the strain of the room too much, Matt states the obvious that their supernaturally charmed friends would of course be coming for them. Which is exactly what Connor expected, and is eagerly waiting for. It’s actually a pretty smart plan, more or less. He was expecting emotions to run high and the vampires to come barging in with their blazing anger. This could have been the moment where all the vampire of Mystic Falls united – and served themselves up on a silver platter with an ironic sign that included all their names and addresses listed in alphabetical order.

Luckily, at least Stefan (Paul Wesley) managed to stay emotionally detached enough to think up a plan that didn’t involve exposing everyone. The only flaw was that this plan involved Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) cooperation, and that never goes well. Even though Klaus held up his end of the deal, as soon as Damon (Ian Somerhalder) found out about his involvement things went south, fast. Even worse, is that Elena didn’t care one way or another. She was so overcome by grief over everything happening in her life that Connor didn’t have a chance.

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