The Vampire Diaries Review: “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” (Season 4, Episode 6)

The Vampire Diaries

The Hunter may be out of the picture, but the gang on The Vampire Diaries isn’t out of the woods just yet. With Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) first kill comes consequences that no one saw coming. No one that is, except for Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

When Klaus finds out that Elena has killed his chances at a “hybrid-filled future” his reaction isn’t exactly what we may have expected. Instead of taking his wrath out on everyone in Mystic Falls, he decides to be proactive. To save Elena from herself, and what he knows is coming, Klaus decides to quarantine her for the time being. Having first hand experienced the fallout of killing a hunter, since he killed the first five, he obviously has a different perspective on this situation. Considering his inability to be killed by normal means it makes sense that he would vividly remember the experience, and even pity Elena for what she is now going through.

In hind-sight, now that we know what happens when a vampire kills a hunter, and seeing how close Damon was to killing him before, it seems that Damon now owes him. In reality, despite his ulterior motives, he saved Damon from a pretty excruciating experience. Granted, Damon would have gladly put himself through it to save Elena from having to go through it, but still. It seems like Damon at the very least owes him a thank you card.

Klaus’s actions may seem rash, but it’s not like he’s exactly holding Elena in a cell. The room she’s imprisoned in is nicer than most hotel rooms, and the art is clearly worth a weekend stay at the very least. But, the real reason for his compassion is that he’s still holding out hope that another hunter will be found. This would give him a chance to turn Elena back into a human and his dreams of creating more hybrids would once more become a potential reality. Being immortal does have the perk of time. Even though, keeping her locked up to ride this out seems like a better plan than Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) whole ‘just have faith’ motif.

Since Stefan failed to save Elena and she ended up the newest vampire in town, he’s been riding this extreme wave of guilt. All of his actions thus far have been to protect fragile, human Elena and his ultimate failure has driven him to desperate means. It’s not really a big surprise that even after the possibility of forever is presented, Elena is slowly drifting toward Damon (Ian Somerhalder). When Stefan went all Ripper on us, it was Damon who stuck around. It was Damon who protected her. And, if the roles had been reversed, Damon would have never let Elena die. It’s a sad truth, but now that Elena’s emotions are magnified and her memories of those lost Damon moments returned, it seems inevitable that the triangle would see a shift.

The Elena-Stefan-Damon love triangle isn’t the only one seeing a shift in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) may not have been the catalyst of a real break up between Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino), but their relationship isn’t exactly rock solid at the moment. With the ruse of a break up being used to distract Klaus from their attempt to free the hybrid’s from the cyer bond, things take an interesting turn. In order to distract Klaus from something a little more present – breaking Elena out – Caroline is sent in.

Klaus, even with all his ruthlessness, doesn’t seem happy about Caroline’s current romantic situation. His slight attempt to cheer her up is touching and seeing them together gives me a small sense of hope. When things go sour with Elena, and Caroline takes the direct approach with Klaus – it’s hard to tell where things will land. But even though his threat sounded real enough, I doubt even he could kill Caroline and live with it. Which leads to his conditions for willingly sacrificing one of his beloved hybrid’s for Elena’s sanity – a date.

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