The Vampire Diaries Review: “Pictures Of You” (Season 4, Episode 19)

The Vampire Diaries

Although this situation didn’t have nearly the same irony, Elena did look quite lovely in the dress – and arguably Caroline came out ahead in the end. It seemed a little out of character that Caroline, after condemning Klaus (Joseph Morgan) so prominently in recent episodes, would go running to him out of mere prom frustration. It seems less unlikely though, that she had made the right assumption that he would indeed have something quite royal in his collection. The dress she ended up with was exquisite and clearly the better of the two options.

The irony comes into play when it ends up being Tyler (Michael Trevino) who gets to enjoy the view, as opposed to her donor. Even so, Klaus consistently shows his humanity when it comes to Caroline’s ultimate happiness. For a character who is bent on being the very definition of ‘evil’ and ‘selfish,’ he is clearly devoid of both when it comes to her. This makes it even harder for fans of The Vampire Diaries who have patiently been waiting for them to get together. There are only a few episodes left, and unless the network is keeping Caroline accompanying Klaus to New Orleans extremely close to the vest, it looks like there relationship potential is about to expire.

Not that Caroline doesn’t have enough other problems to worry about with or without Klaus around. Her small social circle is in shambles. Elena is out of emotions and apparently sanity. Bonnie is about to be beaten by her own magical powers. Silas has managed to trick Elijah (Daniel Gillies) out of the cure. Rebekah (Claire Holt) is so desperate to be human at this point, it’s hard to tell what she may do. Klaus has just received word from Katherine (also Dobrev) that there is a witch in New Orleans attempting to usurp him from his status as ‘all powerful immortal.’ And, Matt just seems like he needs a hug.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries we’re heading back to New Orleans with Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah for the back-door pilot of The Originals. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve been both dreading and anxiously awaiting this event. On one hand it means that we could have a show centered around Klaus to look forward to, but on the other hand, it means that he will no longer be part of The Vampire Diaries mix.

His presence on the show has had such a major impact on the events of the past two and a half seasons that it’s hard to imagine the show without him. However, on a show like The Vampire Diaries where becoming stale is a death sentence, his absence leaves a lot of room open to take the series in a new direction. The Silas plot line will obviously become the arc of next season and there’s no telling at this point where it might lead. The biggest downside of this spin-off series for me is that we will be forced to interact with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), a character that from the first time we were introduced fell flat in my mind.

To distract us from this looming annoyance, not only did we get a much needed positive surprise with Tyler’s brief return to town – but, we also got an anti-climatic reunion with the recently deceased. Silas posed as Jeremy in the hope that the overwhelming emotion would drive Bonnie to his side. His return is a bit more problematic then Tyler’s though. The impact of losing Jeremy on Elena has taken the plot of the show on a permanent tangent. Even if, or when, Elena regains her emotions, she will never be able to undo her actions. Actions that were a direct result of Jeremy’s death. I wish Jeremy was alive as much as the next TVD fan, but he’s not – so let him rest in piece.

We have 4 more episodes this season, including The Originals, which will air in place of the next regular TVD episode. When we return to Mystic Falls, although this may be wishful thinking, I’d really like to see Bonnie and Silas brainstorm other ways for him to die without bringing back an entire population of undead. What about you?

What are you most looking forward to as The Vampire Diaries wraps up this season on hopefully a high note? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next episode.