The Vampire Diaries Review: “Resident Evil” (Season 5, Episode 18)


Paul Wesley made his directorial debut on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and fans won’t be disappointed with the results. Besides a few choice camera angles, it was business as usual on the teen drama. That is, unless you’re a diehard Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) fan. The writers once again pulled the plug on this relationship and put the hearts of Delena supporters through an emotional blender, making sure that drama was anything but in short supply.

Resident Evil not only dispelled the doppelganger folklore regarding the universe’s brand of fate, which seems like it should be an over-sized check mark in the win column, but it managed to put the breaks on any immediate future for the recently estranged couple at the same time. It’s almost become a game at this point. How long with Elena and Damon last this time before coming to an abrupt halt?

Although abrupt is an arguable term under these circumstances, it’s not like viewers have had a lot of time to adjust to the recent developments. After so many close calls, it’s hard to differentiate between whether Damon and Elena are breaking up, or just taking a break. All signs point to an actual separation this round, which was cemented by Damon declaring his desire to eliminate any interaction with Elena whatsoever for the time being. For the sake of argument, for all Elena’s blabbering about them being bad for each other, she doesn’t actually appear to be heartfelt about any of it.

The Vampire Diaries has made an interesting choice when it comes to this couple. Even though they have been officially “together,” it’s not the same as when Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) were in a relationship by any means. Almost every episode over the last season and a half has become a conversation about the state of their relationship or non-relationship. Elena’s previous relationship may have been marked with complications, but they were able to be together without it enveloping the narrative.

All the whiny, reactive speeches that Elena and Damon are forced to relive on an episodic basis is becoming disenchanting. For all that fans have hoped that the pair would get together, we haven’t really seen them be together as much as we’ve seen them discuss whether they should or shouldn’t. The constant ‘what if’ which was once an alluring part of the storyline, has now turned into an endless headache for viewers who just want a sense of stability at the core of the show – something they haven’t had for sometime now.

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