The Vampire Diaries Review: “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get” (Season 6, Episode 6)


If you can get past the frustrating fact that it’s probably going to be a lengthy wait before Elena and Damon resume their relationship – which if you’ve stuck around this long, shouldn’t be too much of a struggle – then hopefully the writers will be able to win you back with a swoon-worthy romantic reunion. In the meantime, a little jealousy never hurt anyone, right? Elena may not be able to remember all her madly, passionate feelings for Damon, but that’s only a one-way street. At least someone isn’t going to let Bonnie’s death be in vain.

It’s not everyday that you see Original Vampires being turned back into humans. I will give that to the writers. Even if Alaric (Matt Davis) losing his much hated Vampire side was an obvious win in most ways, it was a giant setback in others. Let’s face it, he kind of sucked at being a vampire. Not in the same way that we’ve seen other newbie vamps fail miserably at the on ramp, most recently Ivy, but in a completely and utterly ‘is this really happening?’ way. You can’t really be too disappointed that he regained his heartbeat – even if it does mean that Elena will have to find another way to remember loving Damon.

Alaric crossing the magic-free border and reverting back to his human self just prior to when he should have died in the first place opens the story up to a new line of questioning. The spell residing within the borders of Mystic Falls had a similar effect on Tyler, minus the looming death. If you follow the logic, Alaric is alive now because he received medical assistance before his wound became fatal. What if Elena received mouth to mouth before she drowned? Or, Damon or Stefan (Paul Wesley) were patched up before they bled to death from their bullet wounds? It wouldn’t be completely far-fetched to see one of the other character revert back to human at some point – especially Elena. Also, if becoming a vampire erased all of the previous compulsion, would becoming human erase her recent bout of super compulsion? It may not be the most obvious way to solve this dilemma, but the writers have concocted crazier solutions in the past.

The Vampire Diaries has found itself in a fairly bleak position after tonight’s episode, but under the surface, there may be hope yet.

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