The Vampire Diaries Review: “The Walking Dead” (Season 4, Episode 22)


The Vampire Diaries

When rumors first surfaced of the impending return of McQueen as Jeremy, it was the first time I actively resented the idea of a character coming back. There have been so many characters who have already cheated death and returned for round 2 or even 3, that it seemed like a repetitive notion. Jeremy’s death may have not been my first choice, but it facilitated a storyline that took up almost half of the season, and still going. It was the catalyst for Elena turning off her emotions, Katherine being in the ‘most wanted’ vampire list for a lot of people, Bonnie going bat sh*t crazy, etc. Even though I had my hesitations and as unsettling as it is, it appears that no one on The Vampire Diaries gets to rest in peace, so far Jeremy’s return has been smooth sailing.

The same thing can’t be said for The Vampire Diaries resident Bennett witch, Bonnie (Kat Graham). Not only did she let all of her grief push her toward dark magic under the influence of Shane (David Alpay), but now she’s taken it one step farther – and it killed her. Wow, who saw that one coming?

Bonnie has always been an unstable character in my book. She has admittedly lost a lot in the supernatural process, but so has everyone else residing in that town. Granted everyone should have the right to mourn in their own way, but she has clearly went off the deep end more than once. She’s had her moments, but far too often it seems that she exists on a very ‘my way, or the highway’ wave. Even when she has finally defeated Silas, who in a lot of ways is a much bigger threat than Klaus (Joseph Morgan) ever was with his unique mental warfare, she can’t let that be enough of a victory.

Once again, she goes against the sage advice of her grandmother and tries to bring Jeremy back to life. I don’t know who she was looking at, because it looked to me like for the first time Elena was actually going to be alright.  Her conviction that she was keeping Jeremy here for Elena seemed like maybe she was doing a bit of projecting. And now, what?

The veil might only be down in the greater Mystic Falls area, but with no witch to put it back up, Bonnie left her friends in the worst spot imaginable. How many enemies do they have lurking on the other side besides Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) who have been whispering idle threats waiting for an unimaginably slim chance like this?

On the plus side, this also means that there’s an equal chance for allies to return. Until the veil is returned to its proper upright position, it’s pretty much a free for all on The Vampire Diaries. Of course Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) is back. Fingers crossed for a touching apology from Damon now that we heard their NYC back-story. And, reliable Alaric (Matt Davis) is always a welcome treat. But, that still leaves more friends and foes than I have fingers and toes.

Graduation is only a week away and that also means the return of Klaus. How will he manage to say goodbye to Caroline (Candice Accola) without breaking all of our hearts in the process? Hopefully with an open invitation to The Big Easy.

Who are you most looking forward to returning on The Vampire Diaries now that the flood gates are wide open? Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) is definitely near the top of my list. Let me know in the comment section below who tops yours!

Until next episode.

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