The Vampire Diaries Review: “Into The Wild” (Season 4, Episode 13)


The Vampire Diaries

It’s been a few episodes since we’ve had any Klaus/Caroline (Candice Accola) interaction. This reunion might not have started off like what I had in mind, but it sure did end that way. With Klaus still trapped in the Gilbert’s living room, which is awkward in itself, it’s hard to imagine how things could go wrong. But, with emotions running high, any small mistake by his caretakers goes a long way – that includes even something as simple as getting too close to his confinement space. A mistake that Caroline finds out about the hard way.

The brink of death doesn’t stop Caroline from speaking her mind. It’s hard to believe there’s anything that could stop Caroline from doing that. And, Klaus is effected in the most desirable way by her truth and thus compelled, metaphorically speaking, to save her life – which he put in danger in the first place. It’s about time someone admitted out loud that Klaus isn’t always a complete douche bag. With everything left dramatically to the last minute, it makes me wonder if coming so close to losing Caroline will be the catalyst for change he’s always needed. At the very least he could leave for New Orleans on a positive note – not likely, but I’m still crossing my fingers.

Back on the island, things didn’t go much better. Things went from an organized hike in the woods to chaos within the first 24 hours. The most important thing to note would be the new players that we meet before the episode ends. Professor Shane has his own witch hanging around that conveniently picks Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) up from camp for this tangent adventure without anyone realizing it despite the combination of super strength and hearing assembled. And, another hunter – one of ‘The Five.’ But this hunter isn’t just anyone, he’s Charlie Bewley from Twilight! Not that that will have any baring on his character on The Vampire Diaries, but still an ironic coincidence that I feel compelled to point out. Besides that, having another hunter around should definitely make things interesting. Up until now we’ve only seen hunters as isolated from each other – even though we know that they originally were more like a hunting party, until Klaus killed them all. What happens when they combine their strengths?

Do you think that more of the hunters will show up now that the cure and Silas are in danger of being found? Will Shane succeed in using Jeremy and Bonnie to uncover it? More importantly, what if there’s only enough cure for one person – who would you pick to take it?

Until next episode.

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