The Walking Dead Casting Two New Recurring Characters For Season 8


AMC’s The Walking Dead has already built up an impressive roster of potential walker-fodder, and this past season, the mega popular zombie survival drama actually introduced four new communities in the Saviors, the Kingdom, Oceanside and the Junkyard folk. However, the nihilistic nature of the show means there’s always going to be new spots available, and it looks like a couple of main character positions are going to be filled for this upcoming eighth season.

According to TV Line, we’ll be meeting a pair of gentlemen named Dillon and Abbud, who will be siding with Rick and co. for the inevitable war with Negan and his Saviors. Here’s how the site describes the new duo:

Dillon, a sexy, blue-collar twentysomething whose survival skills include sarcasm, and Abbud, an innately likable Muslim American whose nerves are, let’s say, jangled, because he’s flown solo for too long in zombieland. Of the pair, the former is likelier to survive the looming conflict — not only does Dillon sound like a less jerky Spencer, but the casting notice for the roles hints that the actor chosen might get picked up for subsequent seasons.

While those names won’t be familiar to fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic books, the small screen adaptation has often mixed things up a bit in that regard, so there’s every chance one or both of these guys will take on the attributes of a character that’s already been established in the source material.

One way or another, we’ll find out for sure when The Walking Dead returns towards the end of the year.

Source: TV Line