The Walking Dead EP Teases A “Very Different” Season 7 Finale


The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead was a fairly miserable installment overall, as it saw the introduction of Negan and ended on a very controversial cliffhanger. Then, when the show returned for its season 7 premiere, we were treated to the gruesome sight of two beloved characters getting their heads bashed into oblivion.

Since that, however, the narrative has offered viewers a few glimpses of hope, as Rick and his group attempt to gather an army to rise up against the sadistic Negan and his Saviors. That’s something which looks set to continue as we head towards the final hour of season 7.

During a new interview with, Executive Producer Greg Nicotero teased a season finale that’ll be significantly different that any we’ve seen previously:

I think our momentum continues forward and seeing where we are now, and these various groups of people, it really builds to a very different finale than we’ve done in the past. It was a blast to shoot, and we all went on pure adrenaline and pure instinct. And it was really, really a great experience.

Though the episode will no doubt be an eventful one, fans probably shouldn’t expect any kind of final resolution or wrap-up to the Negan story arc, as that progresses in the comics long after the Alexandrians’ initial skirmishes with The Saviors. Of course, the show does occasionally make some pretty major alterations to the source material, but we do know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on for at least one more season, so in this instance, it’ll probably stick fairly close to the “All-Out War” storyline.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday with a brand new episode titled “Bury Me Here.”